Exclusive Guide – Best Gas Cooker for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the home because it’s that part of the building where meals are prepared and the focus of operations when planning midnight snacking heists and that’s why you need to have the best gas cooker in your kitchen.

The most obvious item you’d find in any kitchen is the stove or a freestanding cooking appliance. Generally, getting the right cooking appliance can ensure you’re always making tasty meals that are done at the expected time.

Purchase the wrong cooking appliance and you might have yourself facing smoke battles with every cooking session in the kitchen. There’s no need to be scared though. This exclusive buying guide has been developed to help you make the right decision when it comes to buying the best gas cooker.

Whether you’re purchasing a new cooker for the first time or replacing an older model, this guide will throw light on the types and features as well as things to consider when opting to buy the best gas cooker.

What Is A Gas Cooker?

A gas cooker can be described as a range cooking appliance consisting of gas rings and an oven for cooking using gas. It also includes a gas burner made up of a metal pipe, perforated with several tiny holes through which gas escapes to be burned.

The burning gas efficiently cooks food timely and without fumes. Indeed, there are different types of cookers but we will discuss these later in the guide. Let’s quickly breeze through the background of gas cookers.

Brief History of Gas Cookers

Before the advent of the gas stove, the Germans designed the five-plate stoves, often referred to as Jamb stoves back in the 1720s. Carefully following that same design, Benjamin Franklin went on to create the “Franklin Stove” (iron furnace stove).

This was followed by the kerosene variant – the first sootless stove, designed by Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist.

By 1833, the coal stove came into the picture and it was championed by Jordan Mott. Along with its baseburner, the coal stove utilized ventilation to burn coal smoothly. However, 7 years earlier (in 1826, precisely) James Sharp, a British inventor, created the gas-burning stove.

The gas-burning stoves designed back in those days never had a pilot light thus, it was lit with a match. The danger inherent here is that if the gas was left on while the door was closed, the gas could easily fill up the oven chamber and eventually spread across the room. Thus, an explosion is likely to happen from a simple electrical arc or the lighting of a pipe.

When gas stove makers realized the imminent danger in using these cooking ranges, they installed a safety valve in the ovens. These safety valves prevented accidents from gas explosions and they are still present in gas cookers today.

The electrical ignition of the pilot light is an extra safety feature. It is noticeable because of the click sound it makes just before the flames come up.

At the start of the 20th century, several people still made use of coal-burning stoves that required fires to be lit up every morning. They also had to tend to the flames to prevent them from going off, empty ashes as well as apply waxy dark polish on the stoves to keep them from rusting.

What’s amazing is that this routine took at least an hour before the cooking even starts!

Meanwhile, gas-burning stoves required much less work to maintain and in fact, effectively reduced the amount of time spent in the kitchen. Even though gas companies had begun to market piped gas for use in many homes, it was decided that gas companies must spread their product lines for use in gas-burning stoves.

Arguably, the most unique feature of the gas-burning stove is its surface that substantially remains cool while cooking. Rather than use coal-burning stoves that could cause potential burns from its flames, customers now had the option to go for the smaller gas-burning variant.

By 1915, the thermostat was introduced to ovens. This was a huge development at the time. At about this same time, natural gas was made available for use in gas-burning stoves.

Natural gas was deemed to be way more affordable and much less toxic when used within the household. As a result, by 1930, it outnumbered coal-burning stoves in many homes by 2 to 1.

Why You Need a Gas Cooker

There are several reasons why you need a gas cooker. Of course, cooking comes as the chief reason, however, in terms of flame control and durability, you’ll definitely be on the right path if you’re gunning for a gas cooker.

1. Easily control the intensity of the heat

The best gas cooker comes with quality cooktop control gas burners which are ideal for allowing swift changes in the heat’s intensity. This is why professional cooks and chefs have made gas cookers their preferred choice.

Swiftly, they can quickly initiate rapid changes in the heat for the recipes that require it. This means they do not use multiple burners in different settings.

2. Tough and durable

With metal grates, the best gas cooker can withstand rough-textured cookware. The metal grates are hard and tough, giving it an efficient and durable feature you’d want in a cooking appliance.

3. Affordability

Although the cost of buying the best gas cooker might be expensive at the beginning, you’d find it a cheaper alternative to electric cookers which will require you to pay for electricity usage regularly. If you cook a lot, then gas cookers can save you a lot of money.

4. Ideal for round-bottom cookware

If you own cookware with rounded bottoms like woks, you’d better get a gas cooker for them. This is because the heat from the flames of the gas burner heats up these types of pots more evenly. Thus, making them the perfect cooking appliance for both regular and weirdly shaped cookware.

5. Cook anytime, any day

Gas cookers are a necessity for any household because they can be used for making meals at anytime or day. This is because it uses gas as fuel. Other cookers like the electric types depend on power being on.

Basically, if you stay in an area where power outages caused by bad weather are the norm, best to get yourself a gas cooker.

Gas Cooker Buying Guide Quick Tips

Usually, it looks easy when it comes to getting the right appliances for the kitchen. What many fail to realize is that choosing the best appliances can only make your kitchen function better.

When choosing the best gas cooker, the major points to consider are:

  • Adequate space
  • Cooking speed
  • Product warranty and after-sales support

Adequate space

The first point to consider before buying the best gas cooker is adequate space. You’ll have to measure up your kitchen and decide the amount of space you are sacrificing for your desired cooker.

Cooking speed

You won’t be looking forward to spending your entire day in the kitchen. That’s why you need to consider the cooking speed of the best gas cooker you’re purchasing.

Product warranty and after-sales support

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves to have a warranty on their purchases. You’ll need to factor in the warranty service of the particular brand you aim to patronize. Also, be sure that the terms bordering the warranty and after-sales support are favorable to you.

Types of Cookers

There are three main types of cookers. These are the gas, electric, and dual-fuel cookers.

Gas cookers

These utilize gas as fuel to operate. Basically, the hob of a cooker and its oven will be powered by gas. Using precise control, the hob delivers instant heat rapidly making it the number choice for most foodies and professional chefs.

The ovens are built in a way that will provide zoned temperatures with their tops being the hottest area thus, allowing you to cook several meals at varying temperatures.

Electric cookers

They function using electricity as the source of power in cooking meals. For the cookers, you will likely be presented with a choice of hobs – induction, ceramic, or a sealed plate. Sometimes, the electric oven comes with a fan.

Although these cookers don’t heat as fast as their gas counterparts, however, they do give a more even cooking temperature. Thus, this makes it ideal for cooking a variety of meals at a consistent temperature.

Dual-fuel cookers

The dual-fuel cookers combine both a gas hob and an electric oven. Basically, with the dual-fuel cooker, you get the best of both.

This is because it combines the rapid heat and precise control of a gas hob along with the even and constant cooking temperatures of the electric oven.

Which cooker is best depends solely on you, your taste, and your home setup. In some households, they are more comfortable with electric cookers and prefer no flame for safety reasons.

Others opt for a gas hob due to its speed of cooking. The most popular choice is the dual-fuel cooker because of its unique versatility.

As soon as you decide on the type of cooker you want, what’s left is to choose a model that will suit your kitchen and family and in the right price range. Generally, how big your kitchen is should determine the size of the cooker you’ll need.

Gas Cookers vs Electric Cookers

Before choosing the best cooker to buy, you may want to take a peek at the differences between gas cookers and electric cookers. This section covers just that.

Gas cookers


The best gas cooker comes with metal grates which are much harder than the ones found in the smooth tops of electric cookers. Usually, electric cookers have smooth tops made of ceramic or glass.

Thus, much care is needed to keep from scratching or cracking the surface. Metal grates, on the other hand, can withstand rough-textured or heavy cookware with ease.

Cooktop control

Compared to electric cooker burners, gas burners allow rapid changes in heat while cooking. The reason is that flames need no time to warm up or cool down like electric burners.

It is for this reason both novice and professional chefs prefer to use gas cookers over the electric variety. Chefs require instant changes in heat for certain types of recipes. This is way more convenient than using multiple burners in different settings.


When it comes to paying for utilities, gas is cheaper generally than electricity. Even if you had to spend a fortune on getting the best gas cooker, paying less in utilities will help you save money in the long run. You’ll realize later on that these savings tend to add up over time especially if you cook frequently.

Ready in times of power failure

In certain situations where you experience power failure at home, cooking can still be done on a gas stove. All you have to do is to ignite the burners manually (if non-automatic) with a lighter or match.

Thus, gas cookers are a huge benefit for homes in locations that frequently experience terrible weather and power outages for extended periods.  


Cooking rounded bottom cookware such as woks require gas cookers. This is because the flame from a gas burner heats pots more evenly thereby making them ideal for both conventional cookware and unconventionally shaped cookware alike.

Electric Cookers


Kitchen safety is very important to consider, especially in homes with children. Electric cookers are built with a hot surface and (usually) indicator lights as well.

These cookers only heat the plate where the pot is touching while leaving the rest of the cooktop safe to touch. In essence, you won’t have to worry about malfunctioning pilot lights as well as gas leaks.

Lower setup cost

If your kitchen doesn’t come already equipped with lines for a gas cooker, then it would be cheaper to install an electric cooker upfront. In addition, electric cookers also tend to be cheaper than gas cookers of similar quality. Generally, the prices of electric cookers vary based on the cooktop model and features you need.


Electric cookers actually utilize a larger percentage of the energy they consume for cooking. These cooktops, when paired with magnetic cookware, become particularly more efficient.

They can conveniently boil water nearly twice as fast as regular stoves thanks to electromagnetic technology. Thus, you’ll be making the most of the energy you’re paying for.

Even cooking and heating

Most conventional ovens have heating elements that make them perfect for dry and even baking. Electric convection ovens come integrated with a fan that helps circulate the hot air.

Consequently, this allows it to bake even more efficiently while taking out the possibility of hotspots and improving even cooking.

Easy to clean

With an electric cooker, cleaning is a breeze thanks to its smooth top. Basically, you can easily wipe off cooking messes from the flat surface within seconds. On traditional electric cookers, the coils and drip pans can be easily removed to clean the cooktop and its surface underneath.

Top Rated Royal Cookers

There are lots of cookers in stores today that you’ll be confused about which is the best one for you. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down that list by selecting some of the top rated Royal cookers for your kitchen here.

Royal 3-Burner Gas Cooker + Hot Plate (RPG6631CC)

After setting up your kitchen, you should get the Royal 3-Burner Gas Cooker to complete the furnishing. This dual-fuel gas cooker comes with a hot plate making it a versatile appliance for use in cooking meals. In addition, the 60 by 60 gas cooker comes with an oven grill and a gas grill along with a wire shelf.

Royal 4-Burner Gas Cooker (RG-C40BS)

Ideal for a medium apartment, the Royal 4-Burner Gas Cooker (RG-C40BS) helps take your cooking to new heights. This classy cooktop has a full stainless body with an even more attractive mirror glass oven door.

In addition, it has a glass cover with one grill within the oven. It is just perfect for families that love great cooking.

Royal 5-Burner Gas Cooker (RG-CTZ50S)

The Royal 5-Burner Gas Cooker (RG-CTZ50S) is loaded with lots of awesome features to make you fall in love with cooking. This semi-professional 5-burner gas cooker comes with a pulse ignition.

Its Matt Stainless Steel body is a work of art to marvel at. The cooktop also features a cast iron grill for tasty barbecue meals. Along with a turnspit, timer, and metal knobs, this gas cooktop from Royal Electronics is one of the best gas cookers you can get for your kitchen.


In conclusion, getting the best gas cooker is crucial to your cooking plans. It can be the major difference between a timely cooking session and spending your entire day in the kitchen.

Furthermore, cookers come in different varieties and models. Affordability, speed of cooking, and heat management are among the reasons why you should get a gas cooker for your kitchen today.

If you’re looking to purchase some of the best gas cookers, then check out the brief selection of cookers from Royal Electronics on this page.

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