The Best Professional Steam Iron for Laundry

Getting the best professional steam iron for laundry can be the beginning of good things for your fabrics. Granted, there are several different brands of steam irons for a variety of purposes including laundry, garment steaming, travel, cordless, quilting, professional, as well as commercial in stores today.

Each model has a unique feature and the pricing can range vastly depending on its quality. Consequently, it can become a tad difficult to choose the best professional steam iron for laundry.

Steam generating iron brands vary greatly and they come with different prices and deliver different results as well. One of the things you should note as a buyer is that the price hardly reflects the quality or the performance of a steam iron.

However, the best steam irons always stand out from their counterparts and they can also be identified with some little scrutiny.

What Is a Steam Iron?

A steam iron is an electric-powered appliance that is used in pressing fabric and clothing materials. Steam irons feature steam holes underneath the flat base that help release bursts of hot steam to make ironing easier and remove stubborn wrinkles and creases.

Ever since the introduction of steam irons in the ‘40s and ‘50s, it has become increasingly convenient to get a perfectly crisp press with ease. So, before we forge ahead, let’s quickly take a refresher on the basics and understand how steam irons work.

It’s a pretty simple concept, relatively. We are probably aware that an iron uses electrical energy by converting it to heat energy. However, in steam irons, electricity is transferred through a special coil which gets heated up.

This heat is then transferred to the iron’s flat soleplate. As soon as it gets completely hot, the water from the steam iron’s water tank drips onto the plate to produce steam.

The steam is then projected outwards through the holes at the soleplate and onto the fabric, softening the fibers and eventually giving you an excellent finish.

Advantages of using the best professional steam iron for laundry

Now that you have a pretty good idea of how a steam iron works, here are the major advantages of using the best professional steam iron for laundry.

1. Professional Look

If you want to give your clothes a truly professional look, then buy the best professional steam iron for laundry. Also, when you put on your clothes after a smooth pressing using a steam iron, you’d instantly feel a certain degree of comfort with the fabric on you.

Steam from iron helps moisten the fibers of your garments thus, making the clothes easier to press. Furthermore, the steam also helps the fibers stay in place for longer. This means your clothes get to look sharp for the entire day.

2. Ideal for All Kinds of Fabric  

All fabrics have different requirements and that’s why the best professional steam iron for laundry needs to compatible with the different varieties of fabrics. Ideally, a good steam iron should have different control settings well labeled for various fabrics.

Basically, the heating options vary from one fabric to another and are broadly indicated on the appliance.

3. Press Clothes Faster

Not many people find joy in pressing clothes, especially when stubborn creases and wrinkles have made it their personal project to torture your poor soul. A great steam iron helps shorten the time it would take to iron clothes.

Steam from the iron helps smoothen even the most stubborn of wrinkles in much less time. This literally can save you precious minutes on days where you’re running late for an appointment.  

4. Durable, Efficient, and Easy to Maintain

Generally, steam irons are efficient and easy to maintain. When not in use, you can simply wipe it using a damp cloth and before storage, empty the water tank after every use to ensure the appliance maintains its effectiveness for many years to come.

More recent models of steam irons now have a self-cleaning function which adds to the convenience that comes with using the best professional steam iron for laundry.

5. Safe and Reliable

Steam irons are more reliable and safer than other alternatives because they require less supervision. Newer models now come equipped with automatic shut-off options whenever the appliance is left idle while operational.

This means you never have to worry about starting a fire when your steam iron is plugged into an electrical main.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Professional Steam Iron

Many steam iron brands are beautifully designed and come with catchy, attractive packaging. Unfortunately, this doesn’t determine if the iron will deliver excellently. So, you should look out for uniqueness before buying a steam iron.

Some models have newer technology not found in other models. Identify these types and go for them, especially if the price is similar to other models.

Pick the steam iron that offers high performance with little or zero maintenance required.

You should also factor in safety when selecting the best professional steam iron for laundry. Opt for models that have auto power-off functions when idle. This is ideal, especially for domestic use.

In addition, try to go for a steam iron that is lightweight and generally, easy to glide when ironing.

A good steam iron should be made of tough, durable material and built to be less bulky to make storage convenient and easier.

Top Recommended Professional Steam Iron for Laundry

If you’re planning to buy a steam iron, try checking this selection of top recommended professional steam irons from Royal Electronics.

Royal Steam Iron (RSI-F158WB)

With its unique spray and burst function, Royal Steam Iron (RSI-F158WB) comes with a classic control and different heat settings. Its non-stick soleplate delivers a smooth glide that won’t snag the edges of garments.

Also, the steam iron from Royal Electronics doesn’t take too long to heat up when plugged in. It is ideal for several types of fabrics and garments.

Royal Steam Iron (RSI-F281WB)

The Royal Steam Iron (RSI-F281WB) has been specifically designed to iron all types of fabrics at optimal heat. The steam iron has a unique design that lets it produce hot steam to help moisten fabrics and reduce scorch.

Its excellent spray and burst function is perfect for those stubborn wrinkles hellbent on staying on your garments. This self-cleaning steam iron from Royal Electronic also has an anti-drip feature to keep things clean and simple while pressing.


Not many people are excited when it comes to ironing clothes usually because of how long it takes to press the fabrics. Fortunately, today’s irons are making the task much easier and quicker to do.

That’s why it is important that you get the best professional steam iron for laundry. Selecting from a range of different brands may be difficult, however, we’ve eased things a bit by discussing some of the top recommended steam irons you can go for in this article.

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