How to Get Started with

the Royal Spectra TV Voice Control Feature

Things you’ll need:

1.   Royal Spectra TV

2.   An Android Smartphone

3.   An internet connection

4.   An account


1.   Connect your Royal Spectra TV to the internet via WIFI.

2.   Tap Settings on the remote control.

3.   Tap More Settings, Select Alexa, then Sign in

4.   Sign in with your account (if you already have an account) or  create a new Amazon account from your smartphone and sign in with it

5.   After signing in, your Spectra TV will indicate a code

6.   Go to and enter this code. This will register your Spectra TV with the Amazon.

7.   Next, tap on the Alexa button on the remote control and pair the remote’s Bluetooth with the TV’s Bluetooth

8.   After pairing, you’ll be able to use Alexa Voice Control to ask about the weather, time, etc however, you cannot open apps yet with it. Please follow further steps below to do this.

9.   From your smartphone, tap here to go the Amazon website and tap on “Get Amazon Appstore” to download the app store – 

10.   Follow the steps to install the Amazon app store (Turn on unknown sources and install the app)

11.   Select your region and click continue

12.   Sign in to Amazon appstore with your account (if you already have an account) or create a new Amazon account and sign in with it

13.   In the search bar at the top, type “Amazon Alexa” and tap enter

14.   Download/install the Alexa app

15.   After installing the Alexa app, link it to your Royal Spectra TV using Whale Video Skill, kindly see further instructions on how to do this.

16.   Tap on More, select skills and games, search for Whale Video in the search bar. Select it and bind it with your Spectra TV.

17.   Done. Now, you can use the Alexa button on your remote to voice control your Spectra TV.


Stunning imagery with a powerful voice control feature.


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