How To Use A Sandwich Maker: A Comprehensive Guide

Many will agree that a cheese sandwich is always better when it’s grilled, particularly if you know how to use sandwich maker. A plain cheese sandwich, when toasted, is transformed from a basic sandwich into a warm, crunchy, oozy treat.

A well-toasted sandwich brings out the best in even the most common of bread and cheese choices. Infuse that sandwich with extra spreads, fillings, as well as fancier slices of bread and cheeses, and you’re set to make a gourmet meal within minutes.

You can make this task super quick and easy using a sandwich maker. These handy appliances are absolutely foolproof is properly used. Sit back, read on, and discover how to use sandwich maker in this article.

What is a sandwich maker?

A sandwich maker, also referred to as a toaster, is a cooking appliance consisting of two hinged concave, square or round, aluminum (or cast iron) plates on long handles. Its design usually resembles a clamshell and is used to toast, heat, and seal a sandwich or toastie. Sandwiches consist of two slices of bread enclosing fillings like cheese, eggs, veggies, etc.

One of the oldest and more frequently used home appliances is the sandwich maker. At some point in time, eateries and restaurants were not established in great quality. Consequently, travelers were unable to eat fresh, hot food.

It was during moments like those that people made sandwiches and ate them while embarking on a long journey. The sandwiches were prepared using structured equipment placed over an open fire to toast. However, as time went by, the process of making sandwiches developed.

An electric sandwich maker can now be used to prepare the same toasts. The entire process of heating is the same, only that the heat used is passed through an electrical system. Modern electric toasters are covered with fire-proof material.

This is to stop electricity from flowing freely all over the appliance so that food preparation can be successfully done without any issues and without distorting the natural taste of the meal.

Advantages of the sandwich maker

There are quite a number of benefits attached to using a sandwich maker:

  1. It cooks bread evenly from all sides and in very little time.
  2. If you know how to use sandwich maker, you’ll discover how easy it is to use the appliance. It is one of the best products for individuals living single and working people.
  3. Thanks to its compact small size, it is suitable for all kitchen sizes.
  4. It is portable and can be moved around conveniently.
  5. A toaster or sandwich maker is also quite easy to clean. This is because most of its components are detachable. Some parts are also dishwasher safe making it much easier to wipe off oil and other greasy stains.
  6. Aside from sandwiches, it can also be used to prepare other types of foods. It all depends on your creativity and cooking skills when it comes to heating and grilling.
  7. Another important advantage of the sandwich maker is that it can be used to prepare healthy and less oily breakfast recipes. They have been manufactured in such a way that you’ll require a very little amount of oil when making meals.

Types of sandwich makers

Generally, there are two major types of toasters or sandwich makers. There’s the low-budget type that spots upper and lower plates molded into square shapes tailored at fitting regular sandwich bread. These types of toasters press and seal up to 4 sandwiches into classic triangular pocket shapes.

The second type of toaster is pretty common. It is a grill sandwich maker or panini press that has ridged plates and sometimes, a weighted top plate ideal for pressing the sandwich while grilling it. The unique thing about both types of sandwich makers is that they work in basically the same way.

How to use sandwich maker

When you purchase a sandwich maker, one of the ideal things you should do is read the instructions contained in the manual. If your unit doesn’t come with one, you can follow this basic method below:

  • Connect the sandwich maker’s plug to an electrical main and keep the unit closed as it heats up. Usually, most models have an indicator that lights up to let you know when it’s ready; this should take just a few minutes.
  • Make a cheese sandwich. Additionally, you can spread butter on the outer sides of the bread slices.
  • Open the toaster; if you didn’t spread butter on the bread slices, you can spray a fine mist of oil on the lower and upper plates of the toaster.
  • Carefully place the sandwich on the bottom plate taking care not to touch the plates.
  • Now, close the toaster. If your sandwich maker has a front clamp, close that one too.
  • After about 3 to 5 minutes or when the indicator light comes on, open the sandwich maker.
  • Take out the sandwich using a wooden or silicone spatula.
  • Disconnect the sandwich maker from the electricity mains, leave it open and let it cool.
  • After cooling, wipe the upper and lower plates using a damp sponge and put it away safely.

Top Royal Toasters and Sandwich Makers

When it comes to buying a sandwich maker, you’ll be left confused with the sheer number of brands available. Picking the right one can become quite a task you didn’t plan for. We can ease this burden off you by presenting you with some highly recommended toasters and sandwich makers from Royal Electronics. Check them out below.

Royal Sandwich Maker (RSM1008DBC)

Show your true love for sandwiches by getting this classic Royal sandwich maker. The appliance is perfect for turning slices of bread into delectable grilled cheese sandwich delicacies. This sandwich maker is very easy to use as it comes with indicators that will let you know when your sandwich is prepared and ready to eat.

Its surface is non-sticky and it cooks all parts of the bread evenly. Royal sandwich maker is ideally one of the best appliances you can use to make tasty sandwiches. Its low power consumption feature also ensures you save more on electricity bills.

Royal Toaster (RT01101DBC)

Perfect for those who prefer their bread brown rather than white, this 2-slice Royal toaster has all convenient adjustable controls ideal for setting the best level of brownness you’d want for your bread. Its interface has 6 control settings and comes with a removable crumb tray ensuring that bread crumbs are collected without leaving a mess. Its cord storage means you can comfortably fold the cord into a chamber and store the unit away till your next use.


Knowing how to use sandwich maker is quite important if you intend on enjoying savory sandwiches. There are two major types of sandwich makers or toasters. If you buy anyone and it doesn’t come with instructions on how to use it, you can follow the guide in this article for help.

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