Common Dry Iron Problems and How to Fix Them

Unlike the steam iron, a dry iron doesn’t have a compartment that needs to be filled with water to create steam neither does it come with an inlet.

Dry irons operate without water and they are also capable of ironing garments efficiently. Indeed, a lot of people now use steam irons these days, however, there are still those who prefer to make use of dry irons.

Just like every other electrical appliance, dry irons too can develop problems. The good thing is some of these problems aren’t serious and can even be fixed by you.

Below are the common dry iron problems and how to fix them.

1. Dry iron not heating efficiently

One of the most common problems you can face when using a dry iron is when it doesn’t heat efficiently.

Several issues could be responsible for this including wrong thermostat setting, electrical connection problems, power switch issues, etc.


To fix this problem, you should first confirm that all the connections are properly done and in line with the dry iron’s user manual.

Next, check the power switch, the thermostat, as well as the plug. For those who don’t know – the thermostat is the component of an electric iron that helps control the appliance’s temperature and mode.

Thus, if the thermostat is set at a lower temperature, the iron may not heat efficiently. That’s why you should make sure it is turned to a reasonably higher setting.

Additionally, you can try changing the heating mode to see if there’s an improvement in heat delivery.

2. Dry iron not working

Other common problems people face with the dry iron is when it isn’t working. Let’s be clear – a dry iron not heating enough and a dry iron not working are two completely different issues.


In a situation where your dry iron is not working, you should first take a look at the power cord. It could be broken or damaged which will result in electrical power failing to reach the appliance.

If the power cord looks good and unsuspicious, then try removing the plug from its current power outlet and plugging it into another. Who knows, the problem might not be the iron but its power source.

Also, try checking the dry iron’s settings. Some pressing irons come with auto-off features which might be affecting the unit when wrongly set. Additionally, limescale deposits on the soleplate and other issues can also cause the pressing iron to not work.

3. Soleplate is dirty

Now, this isn’t relative to dry irons alone. Steam irons also experience this particular problem. When you use your pressing iron over a period of time, its soleplate can accumulate dirt and its holes can get clogged. Generally, this will affect its heating and overall performance.


You can prevent and resolve the problem of dirty pressing iron soleplates if you perform maintenance routinely. Thus, you should try to clean the unit’s soleplate regularly.

You can take out any particles from the soleplate using your hand. Next, using a damp cloth mixed with some salt, rub the flat surface of the pressing iron to clear off stains and marks.

Burn marks at the soleplate can be removed by sprinkling some oven cleaner directly on the pressing iron’s flat surface. Then leave the solution on for some minutes before washing it off using cold water.

4. Iron keeps sticking to garments

In the process of ironing your clothes, if the pressing iron keeps sticking to the fabric, then it could be a result of a burnt soleplate.

This is another common dry iron problem you can face. It usually arises from constant usage of the pressing iron as fabrics tend to stick and burn leading to burnt patterns on the soleplate.

It becomes a problem when the garment continuously gets stuck to the deposits.


Be sure to clean your electric iron’s soleplate properly. You can make a solution for cleaning it by mixing 1 tablespoon of water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda to form a paste.

Apply the paste to the soleplate and use it to wipe the iron clean. It can also be used in cleaning the steam holes of steam irons as well.

Best Pressing Iron to Buy

Pressing irons, whether steam or dry variety, are pivotal in how attires appear on us. Without them, we’d be putting what looks like rumpled pieces of garments.

That’s why we must buy the best pressing iron that won’t give us problems when it’s time to iron our clothes.

The electronics market is awash with different brands and models of pressing iron. This can make it rather hard to make the right choice.

Nothing to worry about though as we have some carefully selected pressing irons for you to choose from in this section.

Royal Pressing Iron (RDI-F176WB)

If you’re seeking a dry iron that quickly heats up in no time, then check out the Royal Pressing Iron (RDI-F176WB).

This appliance is easily one of the best pressing iron to purchase with its smooth, non-stick soleplate. It also features a relatively lengthy 1.5-meter cord along with a BS plug type.

Royal Pressing Iron (RSI-F158WB)

With the Royal Pressing Iron (RSI-F158WB), you get a steam iron that comes with an iconic spray and burst function.

This allows you to conveniently iron your fabric while the appliance delivers fresh bursts of steam onto fabrics to keep them soft and smooth.

There’s not a doubt that this is one of the best pressing iron you can use to straighten out your garments.

Royal Pressing Iron (RSI-F281WB)

An appliance that is easy and convenient to maintain would be bliss to many of us. That’s exactly what the Royal Pressing Iron (RSI-F281WB) is as it comes with a brilliant self-cleaning feature.

The anti-drip steam iron also has a sleek, non-stick soleplate with a spray and burst function that makes the entire pressing process a fun and memorable one.


These are some of the common dry iron problems you may encounter with your pressing iron. Their solutions are also quite simple as you can easily fix and maintain your appliance by following the directions in this article.

However, if your dry iron still experiences malfunction despite applying all these solutions, then it would be advisable to get a professional technician to take a look at it or have it returned to the manufacturer if its warranty coverage is still active.

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