Royal Water Dispenser (RWDF1671R)

Red Colour with Black Glass faucet cover
Child safety Lock
Stainless steel cold tank with rust protection
Stainless steel hot tank with Auto-temperature control
Refrigerator cabinet

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The Royal Water Dispenser (RWDF1671R) seamlessly combines both form and function, making it a stylish and practical addition to any space. This dispenser boasts a stainless steel cold tank, ensuring your cold water stays refreshingly chilled while remaining resistant to rust.

Equally impressive is the stainless steel hot tank, designed to maintain hot water at your desired temperature. The appliance is thoughtfully equipped with an auto-temperature control feature, ensuring that your water is consistently just the right temperature.

In consideration of safety, especially in households with curious children, a child safety lock has been thoughtfully integrated into the hot water button. This added precaution ensures that children won’t accidentally access hot water, providing peace of mind for all.


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