Royal Soundbar (RSB-F6011BC)

Dimensions L960 * D92 *H70
Color: Silver
Output: 60W (RMS)

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Enhance your TV’s audio prowess by embracing the synergy of Royal Electronics Sound Bar (RSB-F6011BC), a marvel adorned with both speaker driver and sound bar.

Elevating the auditory tapestry of your television experience, this sound bar stands as the harmonious companion that completes the narrative of immersive sound. Its artistry is a symphony of technology and design, precisely tailored to grace your space with audio excellence.

Crafted to amplify every note and whisper, the soundbar opens a gateway to enhanced audio dynamics. Brilliantly orchestrated with Bluetooth connectivity, it extends its embrace to USB, AUX, HDMI, and Optical Cable ports, seamlessly intertwining versatility with sophistication.

With the Royal Sound Bar, the resonating crescendo of sound is no longer just heard—it’s felt. It’s a resounding testament to the marriage of form and function, enhancing the auditory canvas of your entertainment haven.


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