Royal Sandwich Maker (RSM1008DBC)

  • Royal 2-Piece Sandwich Maker
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Power & Ready Indicator Lights
  • Compact Storage
  • Even Browning
  • Low Power Consumption

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Sandwich lovers will find a true friend in Royal Sandwich Maker, a powerful tool that can be used for transforming slices of bread into tasty grilled cheese sandwich delicacies.

The sandwich maker is easy to use. It comes complete with its indicator lights that notify you when your sandwich is done and ready. Also, it has a non-stick surface that won’t leave particles of your dough hanging idly on the unit.

All parts of the bread cook and turns brown evenly giving it that characteristic attractive look and unmissable sandwich aroma that puts your sense of smell in a state of suspension.

Royal has one of the best sandwich makers, no doubt. You even get to save money on electricity. This is because the sandwich maker has been engineered to work effortlessly while consuming low power.


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