Royal 50-Litre Bedside Refrigerator (RBC-52)


  • 50 Litre
  • Single door
  • Energy-saving and low noise
  • Lock and adjustable shelves

When it comes to achieving the ultimate in food preservation through efficient cooling, you need not search any further than Royal refrigerators. This 50-litre bedside fridge has been meticulously assembled with top-of-the-line components, ensuring it provides precisely the cooling performance you expect from such an appliance.
One particularly noteworthy aspect of this refrigerator lies in its operation – a marvel of quietude that ensures a serene and peaceful atmosphere within your abode. The single-door fridge also boasts an energy-conservation feature, which comes in quite handy when it comes to reigning in those pesky electricity bills.
Within its confines, you’ll discover an inviting interior illuminated by an aesthetically pleasing light. Moreover, it comes equipped with practical amenities such as an egg holder and dedicated vegetable storage. Additionally, it offers the convenience of a lock, adjustable shelves, and a thermostat, rendering it a versatile and dependable addition to your culinary arsenal.


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