Royal 65″ Spectra UHD Smart TV (RTV65D6100)

Crystal UHD
Crystal Processor 4K
Alexa Voice Control
Dolby Cinema
Free Wall Bracket

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Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of visual splendor through the Royal RTV65D6100—a 65″ Spectra UHD Smart TV that transcends the ordinary. Its meticulously crafted slim bezel design draws you into the heart of every scene, while the magical allure of Crystal UHD technology paints a canvas of vivid clarity and lifelike hues.

With the commanding prowess of the Crystal Processor 4K, every nuance and facet comes to life with remarkable sharpness, even within the realm of non-4K content. Empower your television experience with the grace of Alexa Voice Control, an orchestration of hands-free navigation and seamless access to the tapestry of your cherished content.

Prepare for an auditory symphony as Dolby audio technology unfurls cinematic sound quality, transforming your movie nights into immersive odysseys. The LINUX OS serves as a welcoming guide, offering an effortlessly intuitive interface for unhurried browsing and app exploration.

In the realm of connectivity, options abound—Bluetooth, LAN, and Wi-Fi stand ready to ensure uninterrupted streaming and exploration. And as the final touch of elegance, the gift of a wall bracket bestows a clutter-free expanse, framing your entertainment haven with a touch of finesse. Today, you stand at the threshold of an elevated entertainment chapter with the Royal RTV65D6100—a masterpiece that invites you to redefine the boundaries of your viewing experience.


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