Royal 36-Litre Microwave (RMW34AFK)

Digital Control
8 Auto Menus
Defrost Function
Cook Cycle Notification

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Meet the Royal 36-Litre Microwave (RMW34AFK), the kitchen marvel that brings joy and efficiency to your cooking routine. Crafted with precision for those who appreciate good food and smart technology, this microwave is your answer to hassle-free cooking.
With its intuitive digital control, you have the power to customize your cooking experience. Explore 8 auto menus that simplify meal preparation, ensuring every dish you create is a masterpiece. The grill feature adds that perfect finish to your favourites, while the defrost function speeds up meal prep.
Now, here’s where the Royal Microwave truly shines – the cook cycle notification. Imagine being free to attend to other tasks, knowing your microwave will alert you when your food is ready. No more guesswork, no more burnt dinners. Upgrade your kitchen, embrace convenience, and savour delicious meals effortlessly today.


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