Royal 12KG Twin Tub Washing Machine (RWMTT120HW)

Wash & Spin
Magic Cleaning Filter
Transparent Lid

Let’s make laundry quicker and more fun with the Royal 12KG Twin Tub Washing Machine (RWMTT120HW). Think of it as your laundry room bestie, always ready to tackle mountains of dirty clothes with a smile (okay, maybe not a literal smile, but you get the idea)
Imagine this: Jeans tumbling free of stains in one tub, while delicates get a gentle waltz in the other. That’s the magic of twin tubs! No more waiting for delicates to finish a heavy-duty cycle before they get their turn. Plus, with a whopping 12kg capacity, you can conquer laundry piles fit for a superhero’s dirty cape collection.
But that’s not all – our Magic Cleaning Filter takes the chore out of maintenance. Say goodbye to worries about clogged filters; let the magic happen behind the scenes while you enjoy the convenience of effortlessly clean laundry.
Ever wished you could peek inside the machine mid-cycle? The Transparent Lid lets you do just that. Watch the magic unfold as your clothes dance through the wash and spin cycles. It’s not just a washing machine; it’s a front-row seat to the mesmerizing carnival of cleanliness.


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