Royal 10KG Top Load Washing Machine (RWMTL10HS)

Magic Cleaning Filter
Water Saving Tub
LED Display
Power-Off Memory
Child Lock

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The Royal 10KG Top Load Washing Machine (RWMTL10HS) makes laundry effortless and efficient without the hassle of filter cleaning. With the Magic Cleaning Filter, you won’t have to undertake manual filter maintenance anymore. Let the machine do the work, ensuring your clothes come out pristine every time.
Concerned about water wastage? Fear not! The Water Saving Tub of this washing marvel optimizes water usage without compromising on the cleaning power. Now, you can enjoy a speckless laundry experience that’s both efficient and environmentally conscious.
Navigating your laundry settings has never been this easy. The LED Display adds a touch of modern convenience, allowing you to customize your wash cycle with just a few taps. And here’s the game-changer – the Power-Off Memory. No more frantic searches for the right settings after a sudden power interruption. This washing machine remembers your preferences, picking up right where it left off.
Safety first, especially in homes with little explorers. Activate the Child Lock feature for worry-free laundry sessions, ensuring that curious hands won’t accidentally tamper with your laundry masterpiece.


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