What Is Royal Google TV?

Regarded as the evolution of the Android TV, Royal Google TV is the latest in TV technology with unlimited possibilities. In this article, you’ll discover what Royal Google TV is and why you should upgrade to it.
Similarly to smartphones, tablets, and computers, smart TVs and streaming devices run on intricate operating systems.
These operating systems manage everything on your device from menus and displays to special features.
They determine the types of content, such as apps and games, that your TV can handle and whether you can effortlessly “cast” photos and videos from your smartphone to your TV screen.
Every internet-connected audio-visual electronic relies on some form of operating system quietly working in the background. Today, we’ll focus on the latest one, known as Royal Google TV.
Google TV competes with other operating systems like Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple’s tvOS, and Roku’s own OS. We will focus on Google’s foray into Smart TV to find out more.

What Is Royal Google TV?

Primarily, Google TV serves as a user-friendly interface built on top of the Android TV, boasting a distinct appearance compared to the original platform.
It comes preloaded on various smart TVs from brands like Royal, as well as on the Chromecast with Google TV and the classic Chromecast.
The essence of Google TV lies in ensuring users effortlessly access their most-watched and suggested content directly from the home screen.
Similar to other streaming device platforms, Royal Google TV features popular streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, and more.
What sets Royal Google TV apart is the convenience of reaching desired content without diving into a specific streaming app, provided you’re logged into your Google account.
A technological masterpiece, Google TV tracks your subscribed apps and preferred movies and shows through algorithms.
This enables the platform to suggest content for you, neatly organized under a Home Screen tab titled “For You.”
With Google Assistant seamlessly integrated, your Smart TV (and a handy Assistant-enabled remote) allows you to navigate apps, movies, shows, and games using voice commands.
Taking it up a notch, linking Google TV to your Google Home account enables control over select smart home devices and gadgets with Google Assistant through your TV.

Royal Google TV: How It Works

Whether you grab a TV equipped with Google TV or opt for the Chromecast with Google TV, the experience remains quite consistent.
To begin, your Google TV will need an internet connection. Some devices allow a wired connection through an Ethernet cable, but generally, they all work seamlessly with Wi-Fi.
Setting up the Royal Google TV is simple. For the quickest setup, head over to the Google Home app on your Android smartphone, though you can also get it working directly from the TV or streaming device.
Having a Gmail or Google account ensures a smooth experience so be sure to log into your Gmail account.
Once the setup is complete, you’ll find yourself on the lively Google TV home screen. This dynamic screen features a slideshow of different movies and TV shows handpicked based on your viewing preferences (powered by that “For You” tab).
Additionally, you might also come across ads for the latest movie releases. Just below, there’s the “Top Picks for You” column, offering another set of recommended content, followed by “Your Apps”.
There’s also the “Highlights” tab, acting as a personalized hub for all kinds of information on entertainment, typically delivering news and reviews about notable or upcoming titles that Google thinks will capture your interest.
Leveraging the power of Knowledge Graph and machine learning, Google TV enhances the discoverability of content tailored to the viewer.

What Is Google’s Knowledge Graph?

Google’s Knowledge Graph is a wealth of information about people, places, and things, enabling Google to provide users with accurate details about movies, TV shows, historical facts, and more.
The interface neatly divides into multiple tabs, allowing users to seamlessly search for movies, shows, apps, and premium content.
Google TV focuses on ensuring users don’t have to sift through various apps to enjoy the content they love.
A quick click, and you’re back in the action with Marvel Studio’s Hawkeye on Disney+, seamlessly accessed right from the Google TV home screen, without the need to open Disney+ separately.

What About Parental Control?

Since Google TV opens you to a world of endless access to entertainment, parents might be concerned about the type of contents their kids consume.
Fortunately, Google TV comes with an interface with parental controls, allowing parents to create separate profiles for their little ones.
Kid profiles are connected to the parent’s account, eliminating the hassle of managing email and password details.
Moreover, there’s the handy Google Family Link app, providing a way to set guidelines for their children’s use of Google apps and devices.
For instance, Google TV’s parental controls enable parents to regulate screen time, lock and unlock profiles, and establish limits on content ratings.

Games on Google TV

Google TV offers a good variety of games right at your fingertips. Titles like Raid: Shadow Legends, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, and many more are within easy reach.
In contrast to Android TV, Google TV takes Play Store integration to a whole new level. It’s not just about navigating to an app – for games, it’s all about voice commands or text search, adding an extra layer of convenience.
Many of Google TV sets come with top-notch gaming features, aligning with the best in the TV gaming world, including support for NVIDIA GeForce, AMD FreeSync, and VRR. This is another gaming perk tailored for smart TVs powered by Google TV.
Although these features might not create as much buzz within Google TV’s internal gaming, however, hardcore gamers that own or plan to acquire next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can truly benefit from these stellar gaming features and HDMI standards.

Royal Google TV Voice Commands Examples

What you can ask Google Assistant using voice commands depends on the apps you’re logged into. For instance, a query like “Play Fargo on Hulu” will only work if you have premium subscription on Hulu. Nevertheless, Google TV allows you to activate some universal commands, such as:
  • “Play some R&B music.”
  • “Open [app name].”
  • “Tell me about Donald Trump” provides a detailed rundown of the individual along with content snippets from various streaming services they feature in.

Top Royal Google TVs

If you’re looking to buy a Google TV, then look no further than the Royal Google TV:

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  1. Mary says:

    Hello, pls how do I get to replace Royal tv 55 inch . Where can I get it repaired here in Lagos Nigeria . It has screen problem

    • Admin says:

      I’m very sorry about your issue with your TV screen. Kindly call our after-sales service team – +234 809 025 1250

  2. Enoma Benson Ogbebor says:

    The content about Google TV is a very interesting read.
    I do hope to purchase one for me and my family as soon as the Nigerian economy is more “pocket-friendly”.

  3. Iniobong Udom says:

    I bought a Royal Google TV 43” inches but the pictures and sound quality is lower than the regular Royal Smart Android TV 43”inches

    What is the difference between the two products?

    • Admin says:

      Hello Iniobong,

      Thanks for reaching out. Please note that picture and sound quality are determined not only by the TV but also by the content itself. The Royal Google TV is UHD so it requires HD content for it to come out crisp and clear. Most cable TVs in Nigeria currently broadcast in SD (a lower standard) content not HD so the quality will be low on your Royal Google TV. However, if you stream HD content, the quality will be sharper on the TV.

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