Electric Oven Not Working but Stove Top Is

One of the commonest faults in the electric oven is when the electric oven not working but stove top is. The electric oven is an unmissable appliance you can find in most kitchens. We can use them for cooking, baking, warming, and even grilling mouth-watering meals. However, like the inevitable flaw that occurs in all kinds of appliances, they’re prone to getting faulty once in a while. In this article, we will show you the possible reasons why the electric oven not working but stove top is.


What Is an Electric Oven


Also referred to as an electric range or an electric oven, is a gas cooker (stove) integrated with an electrical heating element. It can be used to cook, bake, or even grill. Electric ovens quickly became popular because of the convenience and much less labour it takes to operate and maintain.

Electric ovens came as a replacement for old stove models that required solid fuel like wood and coal to function. The electric ovens usually come with an electric coil that can be controlled using a rotary switch. The switch has a set number of heating levels.


Electric Oven Not Working but Stove Top Is


Having issues with your electric oven? Do you notice that the electric oven not working but stove top is? This section will discuss some of the major reasons for this problem with some possible solutions.


1. The oven bake element may be burnt out


Before panicking and opening up the oven, first, check if some knobs or switches are in the wrong position. You may not even need to spend a dime if you run a quick check on the appliances.

  • Check to see if the broil element will heat up by turning it on and setting it to broil for 5 minutes. If the broil heats up then it is very possible the bake element has burnt out.
  • Check to ensure that all controls are accurately set.
  • If it is a self-cleaning oven, keep the door in the unlocked position.
  • If you removed the oven knobs before cleaning, be sure to reattach them and fix them in their proper locations.
  • Check the bake element and observe its continuity by turning the power off. A manual check might show if any breaks or cracks occur suggesting it needs replacing.
  • If the oven doesn’t turn on at all, then the main control board is out and will need to be replaced.

After running a manual check of your appliance and everything looks okay, you may want to consider some more additional issues that might be triggering its malfunction.


2. The oven’s thermal cut-off fuse may have burnt out


Perhaps, you recently used the self-clean mode of your electric oven. Then you later noticed that both broil or bake have stopped working. If this is the case, then the oven’s thermal fuse has likely burnt out.


3. The temperature sensor of the oven may be burnt out


Lots of electric ovens come with a temperature sensor. The sensor manages the temperature of the oven continuously. However, if the sensor stops working or burns out, it can make the oven to malfunction.

Most contemporary ovens come with a digital sensor. Thus, before you take it out for replacement, be sure to check that all wires are connected properly. You need to be certain that the problem is caused by inaccurately connected wires first.

But if the oven has no digital sensor, there should be a bulb that senses the oven’s temperature in the unit. If this bulb is loose, you can quickly adjust it. However, if it is burnt, then replacing the bulb should get the electric oven back in operation.


4. Then oven’s selector switch or thermostat has burnt out


You can quickly run a check on the thermostat selector switch to see if it is the cause of your oven’s malfunction.

  • The switch could be sticking or defective. Either of these possibilities will not allow the oven to work.
  • The selector switch is responsible for changing oven settings. If it is defective, it will need to be changed.
  • To change the switch, open the panel (usually located behind your oven)
  • Take out the selector switch by pulling the knob off
  • After removing the switch, buy the replacement thermostat and change the switch accordingly.
  • Cover the oven’s back panel after the replacement has been fixed.

If this was the reason your electric oven not working but stove top is, then completing the replacement of the faulty parts should kick the appliance back into normal operations again.


5. Heating elements could be defective


One of the chief causes of the electric oven not working but stove top is, the elements responsible for heating may be faulty. Now, electric ovens have two heating elements, and it’s quite easy to know if the element isn’t working.

You’ll observe it glow a bright red which is basically telling you that it is burnt out. It will need to be replaced or may require some repair work. If the oven is warm but failing to attain the right temperature, it could also be a heating element problem.

  • You should start by checking the heating element you aim to use and setting it to prebake. If one of the heating element glows a brightly lit red, then you should know it’s defective.
  • You will need to replace them if both stop working.
  • If after setting it to prebake and none turns red, then set the oven to bake, observe it, then next set it to broil. Do this to check if either of the two elements is malfunctioning by turning red.
  • Rusty coils are another signal that the elements are faulty so be sure to check this too.
  • If you can’t visually notice any issues with the elements, you should get an ohmmeter and use it to check the voltage.
  • Before using the ohmmeter, turn off and disconnect the power. Then remove the electric oven’s back panel.
  • Check the two wires connecting the bake and broil elements in the range.
  • Take out one wire from the broil element and using the ohmmeter, check the resistance element (it should read between 15 to 30 ohms resistance).
  • Run the same check with the bake element.
  • If one or both of these elements aren’t oscillating at the appropriate levels, you should start planning to have them replaced.

During these inspections, make sure that all the wiring is properly connected. Be sure nothing is loose and ensure that the power cord is attached properly to your oven. Sometimes, the solutions to these issues are right in front of you.


6. Oven temperature needs calibration


If you notice your electric oven not working but stove top is or it isn’t achieving the right temperature or is getting too hot, it might require calibration. You can find the dial for calibrating your oven at the back of your temperature knob. If it isn’t there, then check your product maker’s manual.

The dial or adjustment screw lets you change the temperature settings. The dial can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise subject to whether you choose to decrease or increase its temperature settings when calibrating it.

Half-turning the dial will set the temperature somewhere between 20 to 25 degrees. If you believe your electric oven is overheating or under-heating, calibration can help set its temperature back to the right range.


7. Oven relays need replacement or repairs


Sometimes, a bad relay can make your oven to malfunction or block temperatures from attaining the correct levels when you make use of your oven. Ovens that have two heating elements usually have two relays. Check your owner’s manual to gain access to your oven’s relay.

  • Run a check by first turning off the power supply
  • Detach the back panel of your oven
  • With an ohmmeter, check the ohm reading by taking out the wires attached to the relays and connecting them to the ohm testing terminals.
  • If no reading appears or it reads below the required range, then you may need to replace the control board. Note that the required range for every oven varies so be sure to check your product maker’s manual for guidance.


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Final Words


There are many reasons why an electric oven may malfunction and some of these faults may not be all that serious. You could easily fix them yourself. However, for those defective parts that need replacing or repairs, you will need to get a professional technician to help your resolve the problem.

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