Advantages of Chest Freezer

Aside from merely freezing your food items, there are other interesting advantages of chest freezer. Generally, the freezer can be considered as a modern invention that became quite popular at the end of the first World War.

These days, it’s almost impossible to find a household without at least, one freezer. They have become the first choice for many people when it comes to preserving meat, vegetables, fruits, and other foods. When you freeze food, you protect them from developing rot, mold, and bacteria.

Many people do not quite like the idea of taking frequent trips to the store or market. They’d rather shop for large quantities of food items at a go to save time and money. Then they’d store up the foods in their freezers to be consumed over a lengthy period. Having a chest freezer at home can make this reality a possibility for you.


What Is A Freezer


In 1847, the word “freezer” was coined, however, it was originally used to refer to a part of an ice cream maker. A freezer is an electric appliance built in the form of a container to help keep food frozen at incredibly low temperatures.

Freezers are used to store food items and create ice cubes or even ice blocks. Some refrigerators have been created with freezer compartments or specialized sections for freezing certain items like ice cream and ice cubes.

There are also larger freezers (commercial or industrial deep freezers) that can be used to preserve enough food over a long period. They are often used by restaurants, school cafeterias, hotels, or during events. They can basically keep enough food that would feed a crowd of people.

Although freezers are produced in different sizes, they can be distinguished into four major types.


Types of Freezers


1. Chest Freezers


Ideally named because they’re shaped like a large box or chest with a hinged lid which opens upwards, chest freezers are the most economical freezers. Since it has a lid, the chest freezer needs some good space with lots of headroom.

Chest freezers come in different sizes – there are the compact models measuring as little as 2.1 cubic feet. Then, there are the commercial types that take up over 40 cubic feet of space. Because it is a relatively large appliance, most people prefer to keep the chest freezer in their utility room, garage, or basement of their house.

The spacious, boxy dimensions of the chest freezer make it the best container for preserving bulky items. Such items that would typically not fit into the freezer compartment of a refrigerator. Keeping these large items in a freezer subsequently frees up space for the refrigerator to store convenience foods.

One of the most notable things about the chest freezer is the lack of a fan. The unavailability of a fan stops the air circulation in the freezer causing the temperature to be inconsistent. However, since it can maintain a temperature below freezing, then it won’t negatively affect the foods.

Due to the fact that warmer air rises and cold air sinks, most people would rather keep meats and other larger food items in the lower area of the freezer. This allows it to freeze solidly and stay fully preserved even for months on end.

In addition, many chest freezers come with baskets that create a more defined division of space. Little items like pre-cooked meals or bags of frozen vegetables can be safely stored in these baskets for quick retrieval.


2. Drawer Freezers


Usually found in gourmet kitchens or bigger kitchens, drawer freezers deliver a unique level of convenience for cooks who prefer to have certain items at hand during meal preparation. These freezers often come in different styles with stainless steel the most common.

They can even be customized such that the color matches the other range of appliances in the kitchen. Several drawer freezers come in cabinet height. This makes them easy to install into pre-existing cabinetry.

Some others have a finished top enabling them to extend the countertop space in any room they are being utilized.


3. Upright or Standing Freezer


The upright or standing freezer provides a lot more convenience than a chest freezer. Thus, you might have to spend a lot more to acquire one. Wherever you keep it, be it the garage, basement, or utility room, the upright freezer is ideal for freezing foods that you’ll be able to access without stress.

Because it has a more classic refrigerator-like style, you won’t have to bend over to dig through lumps and piles of frozen foods as you would a chest freezer. As a result of this, it might be tempting to spend more time perusing through its shelves with the door open.

This can invariably lead to a waste of energy, however, with a proper organization of the items in the shelves, you won’t have to keep the standing freezer door open for long. Another interesting feature of the standing freezer is that they usually auto defrosting.

This makes them a lot more easily maintained and to add to this, they are also way easier to clean.


4. Portable Freezers


As a result of the development of smaller, portable freezers, it has become a lot easier to move items in danger of getting spoiled without the need for a cooler filled with ice which would have been quite messy and inconvenient.

One interesting feature that portable freezers have is that they can be powered by AC or DC or even both. Some portable models may even come with cords that can be connected and powered via a car’s cigarette lighter outlet.

This effectively makes it the safest and most convenient way to store food for picnics, beach parties, boating, and other outdoor activities. With portable freezers, the likelihood of food developing spoilage is almost non-existent.


Advantages of Chest Freezer


While freezing food items is the main point of having a freezer, there are other impressive advantages of chest freezer you should consider before purchasing one. This section will discuss some of these merits.


Foods cool and freeze better


Unlike refrigerators, a chest freezer helps freeze your food items deeply. Aside from having lots of space, the chest freezer can also help keep your foods fresh for longer periods. This is because the freezer components deal better cooling temperatures than refrigerators.


Great for large items


If you want to limit those runs to get groceries and other food items, then you should get a chest freezer. One of the advantages of chest freezer is that you can store large, bulky food items there conveniently. This can help reduce the number of times you head to the store to buy food items. Just purchase large quantities and stock them up in your chest freezer for weeks or even months.


Requires less space


Contrary to what some people may think, chest freezers actually take up much less space. In addition, their flat lid also provides a nice table-top surface that can be used in homes or restaurants. Because chest freezers are lower compared to upright freezers, they can be stored near a leveled table-top surface to further extend its utilization space.




Another impressive advantage of chest freezer is its energy efficiency. Because it has a lid cover and is used for freezing food items over a long period, it’d require less frequent opening to access it. This will allow the appliance to cool and freeze seamlessly thus, saving energy in the process. Opening the lid too frequently will mean the freezer expends more energy to freeze items.


Cheaper and more affordable


Perhaps, the most attractive advantage of chest freezer is the fact that it is cheaper than other varieties. Chest freezers are more compact and sturdier.


Different compartments


Chest freezers often come with different compartments inside. This makes them ideal for storing several types of food. In hot climates, children will love to have regular access to frozen goodies such as popsicles and ice cream. These can be stored in the easily accessible compartments of a chest freezer.


Top Royal Chest Freezers


If you have finally decided to buy your very own chest freezer, here are some excellent picks for you to choose from.


Royal 105-Litre Chest Freezer (RCF-H105)


This beautiful chest freezer is a perfect addition to your home. Royal 105-Litre Chest Freezer is a high-quality and efficient manual defrost freezer with a powerful compressor. You can conveniently use it to preserve all kinds of fresh foods and other items for later use.


Royal 200-Litre Chest Freezer (RCF-HU200)


Another iconic chest freezer you can get is the Royal 200-Litre Chest Freezer. This one is a bigger freezing box that can store large quantities of food items. It comes with a highly efficient compressor and a bright LED light in the interior that lights up when the lid is opened. Store all kinds of food items here and watch them stay fresh and good as new for a long time.


Royal 385-Litre Chest Freezer (RCF-H385)


The humongous size of the Royal 385-Litre Chest Freezer shouldn’t scare you. It has a much larger space than other chest freezers. Don’t let its size fool you though. This epic freezer also has a fast-freezing function that freezes up items within minutes. It is perfect for larger households and is recommended for restaurants and stores or supermarkets. Moving it around shouldn’t be a problem as it comes with universal castor wheels.


Final Words


The advantages of chest freezer are, more often than not, relative to the needs of a home. In houses where large quantities of food are consumed regularly, owning a chest freezer is ideal. Great brands like Royal Electronics provide some of the best chest freezer options you can choose from. In the long run, chest freezers can help save on food costs.

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