The Best Tips for Ironing Clothes

When it comes down to ironing clothes after a wash cycle, not many people look forward to it. Of course, you probably already have a busy work schedule loaded with domestic chores, family demands, some social activities, and many more with very little time left to iron your clothes.

However, we still have to make out time to perform this task as not only do ironed clothes make you look smart and neat, but they also help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. In this article, we will discuss some of the best tips for ironing clothes.

Top Tips for Ironing Clothes

1. Wash efficiently

Funny, right? We’re talking about ironing but mentioning washing efficiently as a tip. In truth, how you wash your garments can affect your ironing time.

So, if you don’t plan on spending a lifetime ironing your clothes, lower your spin cycle – this helps in moderating creases.

Also, be sure to avoid overloading your washing machine. When the washing machine is not overloaded, the clothes get more room which ultimately means fewer creases.

In addition, if you’re going to air dry your clothes, don’t squeeze them. Instead, hang them on the line while they’re wet. This greatly helps in reducing the number of creases and will make your ironing time much faster.

To round off this tip, always fold your clothes whenever you take them off the line as against tossing them into the washing basket.

2. Ensure the iron is clean

The point of ironing clothes is to leave the garments smooth and free of creases. However, if your iron starts leaving dirty stains on your clothes while straightening them, then you’re doing it wrong.

That’s why it is very important to ensure that the iron is clean before ironing. When we say clean iron, we mean the appliance’s steam vents (if it is a steam iron) must be clear and its soleplate shouldn’t stick.

You should also work towards preventing a build-up of limescale by using distilled water to clean the appliance. Making use of baking soda and water can help take out tougher stains on the iron’s surface.

It may look like a tasking procedure but in the long run, it will help you make quick work of your ironing.

3. Utilize a garment folder

Also commonly referred to as a miracle folder, the garment folder lets you quickly and easily get a perfectly folded item every time.

You’ll be missing out if you don’t have already one as it works fine for folding shirts, t-shirts, shorts, trousers, sheets, towels, etc.

This tool is mostly used by fashion stores to help them get similar-sized garment shapes. Arguably, the most important thing about it is its organization and space-saving qualities.

3. Choose the right surface or ironing board

The right surface for ironing can make a huge difference in your ironing routine. In fact, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and effort when you opt for a top-quality ironing board.

There are several ironing board models out there, so be sure to choose wisely when making a purchasing decision.

Some ironing boards come with thermoreflect technology which traps heat or steam and lets you iron both sides of your clothing simultaneously.

4. Iron in bulk

One smart tip you should also take seriously is bulk ironing. When you iron in bulk, you not only save time but also ensure your electricity costs are reduced.

So, the next time you have a big pile of washed clothing ready to iron, be sure to sort them first into different fabric types. Next, iron the pile beginning with the lowest temperature and work it all the way up.

Lastly, make sure that your ironed garments retain their “freshly ironed” look by making use of a good ironing rack to hang them so they can cool and not get creased.

Essential tips to aid faster ironing

Below are some essential tips to consider that can help you iron your clothes faster.

1. Include vinegar while doing the laundry

When you add vinegar to your washing, your clothes will be softer rather than stiff. This makes it much easier to iron when they dry. Additionally, vinegar also helps in cleaning your washing machine at the same time.

2. Make use of lavender oil

In addition, lavender also acts as a fabric relaxant. You’ll also want your garments to have a relaxing and attractive scent. You can make use of lavender oil to achieve this.

Do this by adding a teaspoon of lavender oil to a liter of water. Mix the concentration well and pour it into a spray bottle. You can mist the mixture on your clothes after you take them off the line to be ironed.

3. Damp ironing

You should give this a try if you haven’t been doing so. Your ironing can be much easier when the clothes are damp. Using a steam iron helps make this faster.

4. Allow clothes to relax or rest

As odd as this may look, clothes actually need to be “rested” after ironing before they are worn. The reason is simple.

When you put on your clothes warm, they tend to crease almost immediately. This is why they need to be at rest especially after they are ironed so they can cool down.

4. Crease control

If you make use of a dryer for your clothes, be sure to take them out as soon as the cycle is over. This will ensure they do not “settle” and crease.

Lots of dryers today come with a crease control or an anti-crease mode that tumbles the garments at intervals until you can unload them.

5. Iron dark clothes inside out

By ironing black or dark clothing inside out, you will prevent the appearance of iron marks or sheens on the garment.

6. Ironing surface or cover

If you’re making use of an ironing board, make sure the surface or the board’s cover is in top condition. If the cover is old, it may affect your clothing and end up frustrating your efforts. So, don’t hesitate to change the cover to one that suits your board or surface.

Quick Laundry Hacks

Wash smart

Remember to limit or reduce your spin cycle as it will help in moderating creases. Also, avoid overloading your washer so they can have more room and lower the chances of creasing.

Dry smart

When you dry your garments under the sun, make sure they’re hung on hangers while wet before putting them on the line.

Doing this helps in lowering the number of creases and thus, speeds up the time it will take to iron. Furthermore, endeavor to fold your garments as you remove them from the line rather than toss them into a washing basket.

Utilize airers

Dryers work by trapping moisture inside while air-drying, on the other hand, sends moisture into the air. This allows the drying process to be much faster and more efficient. In addition, when you hang your clothing on a line, you may not even need to iron it.

However, if you are using a dryer and you need a particular garment urgently, simply throw in a dry towel along with the wet garments in the dryer, and the clothes you need will be ready much faster than you expect.

Plan your workflow

When you fine-tune your laundry workflow, you’ll be able to get your ironing done quicker, hence, saving you time and money.


No one likes to waste time getting their ironing done, especially when you have other activities lined up. We do what we have to do to get this stuff done.

The tips for ironing clothes discussed in this article should give you new ideas on how to make the entire laundry process from washing to ironing faster and more efficient.

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