How To Motivate Yourself To Do Your Laundry

The truth is that doing laundry is a chore that most people despise. Laundry, like dishwashing, ironing, and changing baby diapers, is one of those duties that must be completed, even if no one likes to do it.

And as your family expands, so does the amount of laundry you have to do. If you’re seeking a solution to your never-ending laundry woes, here is the place to go.

But we all know how necessary they are to keep our sanity and, in the case of laundry, to have clean clothes for work and school. Who wants to put on odorous clothing?

If you want to overcome the fear of doing your laundry and finally find the drive to tackle that mound of laundry in your bedroom hamper, we’ve got exactly the methods for you.

We’ll discuss a few techniques for motivating yourself to wash your laundry in this article. You only have to brace yourself and do your laundry at the end of the day. As most moms would say, “no ifs, ands, or buts.”

These six laundry day motivational tactics can help you stay on top of your laundry and make you like doing it.

6 Ways Of Motivating Yourself To Do Your Laundry

1. Schedule Laundry for a Specific Day and Time

Marking a day and time on your calendar is the easiest way to make sure you do your laundry.

Making laundry a regular event in your weekly routine, whether you set a reminder on your phone or write it in your calendar to do it every Saturday morning or every Friday when you get back from the office, will help you stay motivated.

This will make you feel fairly odd if you don’t do laundry on the fixed day and time. You’ll feel as if something is missing, and you may become more anxious as a result.

However, by creating and sticking to a laundry day schedule, you’ll be able to routinely tackle laundry with less bother and worry.

2. Combine Laundry Time with Something Enjoyable

Pairing something you loathe with something pleasurable is one of the finest strategies for doing something you dislike!

You can use this tip for anything in your life, but when it comes to washing, consider doing it while watching your best TV show or listening to your favorite song.

3. Make it Enjoyable

Associating with washing is one of the simplest methods to encourage oneself to do it. If doing laundry is associated with something enjoyable, you’re less likely to put it off until you’re stuck wearing the same underwear for three days and hoping you don’t stink.

Play on one of your favorite songs, get a drink, or make it a family competition to see who can do the most laundry and reward them with snacks or chocolate, anything to entice them. Of course, you could always treat yourself.

4. Give Yourself a Reward

You deserve it! Humans, no matter how much we want to think of ourselves as super-evolved beings, operate on a rather normal reward system.

Positive backup and feedback go a long way, much like with dogs and treats, and you can use them to motivate yourself to do laundry.

You’ll be more likely to keep that laundry pile short and manageable if you put off that thing you really want to do until you are done then treat yourself.

5. Start with Your Most Comfortable Outfits

Continue reading if you’re still having trouble with life, liberty, and doing your laundry. Wearing all of your favorite ensembles first is another method that may work.

This way, you’ll soon be down to just a few outfits you don’t like or none at all, forcing you to either do laundry or wear an old outfit to your event. Please, whatever you do, don’t choose to wear an old tacky outfit over washing your clothes.

6. Arrange Your Clothes in a Valuable Location

When you’re in a hurry to do your laundry, you’ll have to go to extremes. If you still can’t summon the bravery to face the daunting task of laundry, you may need to resort to drastic measures.

You could, for example, lay all of your dirty clothes on top of or in front of something you really like, preventing you from using it.

For some, this may entail stacking all of your filthy clothes on the couch, while for others, it may entail hiding your favorite chair.

Sure, it’s cruel and inconvenient, but if you truly want to relax and get entertained for hours, you’ll have to push yourself by getting up, packing up the dirty clothes, taking them to the laundry room, and doing the needful.

Furthermore, putting your things in a slightly irritating location may not have the desired impact here.

You’ll probably wind up moving them back and forth until the pile becomes a gigantic laundry that will fill up the entire space someday if you just throw them on the couch without packing them up in an orderly manner or better still hide them in a corner in the room. No one will want to experience this.

Another method to make laundry more enjoyable is to purchase a new washing machine that is tailored to your specific needs and includes additional features that make washing and rinsing so easy.


It is normal to have preferences, what we love to do and the things we despise doing – just like we all have favorite meals.

Everyone has a like or dislike feeling with laundry, and for different reasons. Some people hate it because of how bored they get while on the job, and others simply hate the filth. Whatever your reason, there is a way out.

You probably enjoy doing laundry at the latter phase, but you despise having to wash, sort, fold and store another load of filthy clothes.

We sincerely hope that you were able to take some useful laundry motivational guides from this article in order to help you stay on top of your laundry anytime.

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