Dual Fuel Range: Should You Go For It?

Dual Fuel Range: should you go for it?

Dual Fuel Range: should you go for it? – Selecting the best, most efficient cooking appliance that is suitable for the kitchen has become a difficult task for most people.

Seeing that there are a variety of cooktops in the market, deciding on which to go home with is not an easy one at all.

You will find out that gas cookers, electric cookers, and the dual fuel range, all have good records when it comes to their performance in the kitchen.

There are so many things to put into consideration when buying cooking ware. If you are the type to engage in large cooking, baking then looks for a cooker that releases enough heat and spreads evenly too.

Dual fuel range is most preferred by many, and have got excellent reviews even from appliances experts and chefs. It is considered the most efficient cooker, and best for every home.

For clarification purposes, we have listed the differences, pros, and cons between a gas range and dual fuel ranges in this article. So you know what to expect when buying these products.

What Is A Dual Fuel Range?

A dual fuel range is a double cooker comprising gas and an electric cooktop. Both of them exert different energy with varying temperature.

The gas stovetop cooks fast due to its exposed flame. While the electric part releases dry heat that cooks food evenly because the heat circulates the pan without burning your food.

Important things to consider in a dual fuel range and gas ranges are;

The Type Of Fuel It Uses

Gas ranges are supplied with natural gas. The oven area heats food by releasing natural gas from its tank through a tiny hose.

This provides the perfect temperature needed at every point of your cooking. The gas range also enables you to regulate temperature, from a high to low heat as preferred.

The downside of gas ranges is that they lack a third heating element that blows hot air on your food for more uniform cooking.

In other words, they do not have “true European convection cooking”. And this is why dual fuel range is often the most preferred choice.

The dual fuel range cooker allows speed and uniform heating of food in the oven cavity. The two cooktops, electric oven, and gas give you a fantastic cooking experience.

While the gas cooktops speed up the cooking process, you can make a large pot of food in seconds, the electricity ensures the food is properly cooked. Spreading heat to all sides of the pot. Having true convection cooking is an added advantage.

Their performance

All gas ranges have higher performance when it comes to heating. Having features that enable you to increase the heat as you wish, and drawers, where you can keep a few kitchen items, is a plus.

Gas ranges have over 27,000 BTU heat energy output which is responsible for its heating capacity, faster than a dual fuel range and electric cooker put together.

Dual fuel ranges on the other hand is an all-in-one package brand. It can be used for complex and simple cooking, that is, making a dish for a few persons.

Its performance is incomparable as it serves a double purpose. It features a wireless electrical component that directly heats your food.

Their Upsides

Gas ranges are a better choice if you are accustomed to making continental dishes that require much heat. This is the only cooker that you can give the desired temperature needed for sauteing, frying, etc. 

One other advantage of gas ranges is maintenance. Gas cooktops are so easy to clean. Just wipe with liquid soap and water after every routine.

Dual ranges give you a unique feeling when cooking in the oven cavity or on the gas cooktops. You will have a seamless cooking experience with this product.

They are designed to touch all areas in the oven cavity.  It allows true convection cooking, producing even heat supply to your food.

It also powers electrical energy that produces dry, less but steady temperature. Some chefs use the electric oven for most of the cooking because of how attractive it makes the food, with a crispy, brown look.

The prices

The price should be the first thing to check before buying a gas cooker or dual fuel range. In comparison, the gas range price is less and more affordable than dual fuel ranges.

And for this reason, many homes go for gas cookers. In case you run out of gas, getting a refill doesn’t cost much. Plus, they are easy to install and safe too.

If you want to buy dual fuel ranges, you’ll have to map out a huge budget because this piece is very expensive.

However, looking at all the benefit that comes with the dual fuel range, you will realize that it’s worth the price. So we suggest you don’t compromise standards for anything. Go for it!

Benefits of dual fuel ranges

Below are some of the benefits of using dual fuel ranges for the cooking routine:

  • The Gas stovetops are extremely efficient having a knob that allows easier and faster heat control. Electric cooktops on the other hand aren’t as responsive as the gas but they play their role by giving your food a juicy and brownish look.
  • Dual fuel ranges use steady heat, covering all parts of the pan on the cooktop. With this gas oven, there would be a need to turn food to different sides every time.
  • Electric cooktops produce dry heat, perfect for frying large chunks of meat, roasting, and even baking for lovers of freshly baked snacks.

Downsides of dual fuel ranges

Just as there are lots of positives on the dual fuel range, it also has its negative sides. Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of the dual fuel range:

  • As you know, dual fuel ranges are not just expensive brands but they also cost a lot of money to install, plus you will be needing experts to do so.
  • Not only will you need to install the dual fuel range, but you will also have to install a strong gas line to complete the installation. This applies to those without one.

Final Thoughts

Dual fuel range still tops the chart of best kitchen appliances to date and almost every home makes use of it. Their performances are top-notch.

It will be appreciated more whenever you are hosting friends or relatives; this means that you will be able to use it in making a variety of dishes.

With the speed rate due to its maximal heat output, cooking a large quantity of food will be done with ease. If you’re out to shop for dual fuel ranges, you can start by taking a look at some of the premium ranges we have here.

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