10 Simple Ironing Tricks You Should Know

10 simple ironing tricks

10 Simple Ironing Tricks You Should Know: Ironing is often avoided by some people because of the hassle that comes with it, and as such buy clothes that look good even without ironing them.

However, no matter the type of clothes we get, they still need to stretch as it makes your clothes appear new and adds an extra touch of beauty to them.

Categorically, ironing is the spice in our outfits, the icing on the cake. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after wearing a properly ironed dress?

You’d look so elegant and it instills confidence in you. There are some tricks to ironing though, as if it is done wrongly, you won’t get a good result.

In this article, we will provide simple techniques/tricks needed to give you that desired result when ironing.

A lot of people make certain mistakes when ironing that end up getting their clothes scorched or burnt in the process. If you belong in that category, then this article is for you.

1. Use the Right Temperature

Note this: Every garment requires a different temperature. You can’t possibly iron a cotton and silk material with the same temperature, that doesn’t do it!

Different fabric, different temperature. It is advised to check the label on the cloth to see what temperature it needs (although it doesn’t apply to all clothes).

Arrange them in batches according to temperature, from cotton, lace, nylon, silk, polyester, to chiffon fabrics.

Light fabrics like nylon, chiffon, silk should be ironed using low heat. So, set the iron to the lowest temperature.

You can place a cloth under the fabric to help prevent any sort of mark or melting. To be on the safe side, set the iron to auto temperature (if this feature comes with it) so it can self-regulate its heat.

However, heavy materials like cotton do not require low heat as they can handle high temperatures.

2. Use Foil to Speed Up the Process

Foil does the magic, it increases the healing process, saving you time. If you are the type that detests ironing due to the time it consumes, here is a solution to your problem.

When ironing lay the foil under the ironing board. This way, it heats up so fast that both sides of the cloth are affected. So you don’t have to turn the other side to iron.

3. Turn Out Your Pockets

This is a very important and easy trick. Though it is funny how people forget to turn out the pocket before ironing. It should be the first thing you do (of course only to clothes with pockets).

If you don’t turn the pocket out, it imprints a mark or line on that particular area, making it look unpresentable.

4. Avoid the Sheen and Iron Marks

Now, this is one common mistake people often make. Not all clothes should be ironed on the outside, like dark clothes, for example.

They should be turned inside out before ironing. Always use an ironing board that is fully padded and pressing cloth to support it, especially when ironing heavy fabrics.

Ironing the back of a cloth prevents iron marks, and while at it ensure you use very low heat.

5. Keep the Surface Clean

Cleaning irons help keep them free from rust and dirt. The fact that the soleplate is coated with Teflon shouldn’t stop you from giving your pressing iron proper maintenance.

Using a dirty electric iron on your clothes might get them soiled with dirt, thus you must avoid this.

Keeping pressing irons clean doesn’t cost much, all you need is warm water, a mild soap, and a soft cloth.

Quickly do a run down with your wet cloth. It expels every particle that has stuck to the soleplate.

Note: Make sure you don’t wipe a hot iron, let it cool down before cleaning so you don’t accidentally scald yourself.

6. Allow Clothes To Cool Down

It is inadvisable to wear clothes immediately after ironing them.

Allowing them to cool down before wearing prevents them from wrinkling. In addition, clothes should be placed on a hanger to cool faster.

7. Stick to the Iron

Garment steamers are mostly preferred due to their nature as they are simple and lightweight.

Though one thing that discourages people about this appliance is its inability to iron clothes placed on ironing boards, only those on hangers, which isn’t good enough.

Normal irons on the other hand fix all clothes if the right pressure and heat are applied.

8. Watch How You Wash

How you wash your clothes determines how fast they get stretched. If they are too wrinkled, it will take more time before it gets straightened.

You should avoid squeezing your clothes too hard when hand washing. Also, put a few clothes at a time in a washing machine, this will make clothes less wrinkled and ironing will be so easy. 

9. Use a Towel to Iron Your Sleeves

Everyone likes their sleeves perfectly ironed, but you can only get that perfect look if you use the right technique.

Sleeved boards are commonly used for ironing, however, in cases where the boards aren’t available, you can improvise.

Place a towel inside your sleeve when you iron if you want it properly straightened.

10. Use Quality Irons

Using quality electric pressing irons can save you the stress of having to deal with wrinkled clothes or ironing one cloth for hours.

Modern irons have technology that offers the best services. A clear example is the steam iron that features a steam burst. Ironing is made easy using a steam iron, as it softens hard fabrics by releasing moisture.

Whether you have an ironing board or not, steam irons work in many ways than one. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


Having mentioned a few ironing tricks, we do hope it solves your ironing issues. If these guides are strictly adhered to, you won’t be having any problems with ironing and will finally get over your phobia for the chore.

This guide will help make the process faster and easier. Be sure to have a blissful experience.

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