Must-Have Electronics and Appliances for Setting Up a Home

Must-Have Electronics and Appliances for Setting Up a Home

Must-Have Electronics and Appliances for Setting Up a Home: Setting up a new home can be a tricky affair. Every item looks necessary yet overly expensive to acquire. However, with a fairly decent budget, you should be able to procure the most important appliances and electronics for your home.

Keep reading this article to discover the most recommended electronics and appliances for setting up your new home whether you’re living with your partner or alone.


You should probably start off by purchasing a refrigerator first. This will definitely come in handy for storing food items and leftovers. A refrigerator with a decent capacity should be pretty much what you need.

A double-door fridge might leave you with a bit more freezer space than you actually need on a regular basis, so it would be wise to opt for a single-door option for now.

We recommend the Royal 90-Liter Refrigerator. It has a decent capacity just good enough for your needs and comes with lock and adjustable shelves.

The cooling unit also features an egg tray and vegetable storage with an adjustable thermostat. Another excellent feature of the fridge is its energy-saving capabilities which can greatly help save on your electric bills down the line.

Washing Machine

Couples and loners most likely won’t be needing a large capacity washing machine. So, you’ll probably be looking at getting something a bit more relatable to your immediate washing needs.

Getting an automatic washing machine would be awesome. However, if you’re on a shoestring budget, you may have to settle for a semi-automatic washing machine.

Not to worry though, most semi-automatic washers or top-loading washing machines are quite efficient and do a great job of cleaning garments at nearly the same level as their automatic counterparts.

A moderate 6 – 8 kg top-loader washing machine such as the Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 7.5 KG (RWMTT75HW) should be enough to handle your laundry requirements. It features a button panel display, auto pulsator, and energy-saver capabilities.

Mixer Grinder/Electric Blender

Although, the electric blender or mixer grinder is regarded as a basic home appliance, yet it remains one of the most crucial electronics in any modern household.

Many mixer grinders come with 3 jars and we believe these should suffice for your immediate grinding needs.

These grinding appliances can be moderately pricey or downright inexpensive. For electric blenders, we recommend Royal Blender (RBL2005WB).

This 400-Watt capacity blender has a full copper motor. It comes with full speed control as well as pulse. Its 1.5-Liter jug locks smartly to the motor compartment to deliver efficient blending.

Microwave Oven

Many working professionals, as well as, new couples are finding it increasingly difficult to do without a microwave oven these days.

You do not need to spend more than you can afford on getting a large capacity microwave at this stage.

Starting up with a smaller capacity should be something you can easily adjust to. The Royal Microwave (RMW20BHP) is an impressive appliance for starters.

It has a 20-Liter capacity and features 6-Micro wave power levels as well as speed cooking.


Acquiring a television can be a tricky endeavor as there are several things that need to be put into consideration.

The most obvious aspect of consideration is the size of the TV. Although some people are quite satisfied with buying a small 24-inch budget TV, we believe it is always best to go a step higher by getting a 32-inch TV for a start.

The reason is that you will most likely spend a good amount of time watching it and as such, the viewing experience needs to be decent at the least.

Another aspect to consider is the picture quality of the television. Of course, there are quite a lot of low-priced 32-inch TVs in stores out there, however, they may not give you the right standard of picture quality you want.

This is why we recommend the Royal 32″ TV ( RTV32DN5A).  This TV features a slim bezel and has high HD brightness and contrast.

There are HDMI & USB Movie ports and the electronic also helps you cut down on electric bills with its energy-saving features.

Toaster/Sandwich Maker

There are days you may be unable to prepare a meal before leaving for work or stepping out due to time constraints.

It is in scenarios like this that a good toaster or sandwich maker proves invaluable. You can always choose to buy any of the appliances depending on your budget and how you prefer to have your bread.

If you want a sandwich maker, then you may want to start off with a 2-slot sandwich maker like the Royal Sandwich Maker (RSM1008DBC) which has a non-stick surface along with indicator lights, compact storage. The unit also works effortlessly while consuming low power.

However, if a toaster is your preference, then consider getting the Royal Toaster (RT01101DBC); a 2-slice toaster that features adjustable browning control, 6 Settings, removable crumb tray, as well as cord storage.


The process of setting up a home is gradual and most times never end. In this article, you can find some of the must-have electronics and appliances you should get when setting up your home.

After a period of time, you may consider buying other items such as a sound system, power generator, etc.

For the moment though, these are all you’ll need, especially if you are on a shoestring budget. Ultimately, the purchasing decision rests with you.

If you are aiming to maximize your spending budget, you can consider waiting for big sales such as Black Friday sales to get even better deals and other perks.

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