Why You Should Think of Upgrading To An Electric Kettle

Why You Should Think of Upgrading To An Electric Kettle

Why You Should Think of Upgrading To An Electric Kettle: It seems like a long time ago people had to wait almost endlessly to boil water in a pot rather than an electric kettle.

Since its introduction though, electric kettles have been the number one appliance when it comes to heating water for different purposes. 

You can consider purchasing any of the available electric kettle models depending on your needs and budget. Generally, electric kettles are portable and easily movable.

Thus, they don’t need to be permanently kept in kitchens. You could place the appliance on your bedside table just in case you need some warm water in the middle of the night.

Some models are even dynamic such that they shut off automatically as soon as the water is heated thus, relieving you of the inconvenience of constantly having to monitor the appliance.

Below are some of the benefits that should help you better understand exactly how useful the electric kettle can be:

Significantly saves time and lowers energy consumption

Electric kettles with high wattage can heat water within two minutes hence, saving you plenty of time.

Also, since water doesn’t take that much time to heat up, you’ll be saving a good amount of cash on energy consumption.

Basically, the faster water heats, the less energy is used up in the boiling process. As a matter of fact, electric kettles are reported to be 8% more energy-efficient than regular microwaves or traditional stovetops.

As a result of this, it is believed that these appliances, when used correctly, can help conserve energy to a large extent.

Beverages taste better

Coffee, tea, cocoa, and other beverages often require varying temperatures to taste their very best. Thus, it is harder to get that exact temperature you’ll need for that specific beverage when heating water on a stove as you are not given the option to regulate the temperature.

However, with electric kettles, you may have an edge as these appliances come with a built-in temperature control that allows you to heat water at any temperature you prefer. This allows you to retain that consistency in taste by warding off any type of alterations to the beverage.

Safer to operate

Modern electric kettles come with an advanced auto-shut-off function that makes the appliance exceptionally safe to use.

Unlike conventional methods like stovetops that just keep on boiling until the water dries up, the electric kettle turn as soon as the water comes to a boil, hence preventing it from spilling out or causing further havoc.

In addition, since the electric kettle isn’t exposed to open flames from gas burner stovetops, for example, the chances of experiencing fire hazards or accidental burns are greatly reduced.

This can be essentially helpful for people looking for extra safety features for the protection of their young ones at home.

Choose from a range of models

When you finally make up your mind to invest in an electric kettle, you’ll enjoy its functionality, particularly when you select your preferred option from a range of models.

You can choose from the plastic, steel, or glass options. The plastic model has to be the cheapest one you’ll find in the market.

However, if you want to go for something more stylish, you can opt for the glass electric kettle model.

If you’re worried that it might accidentally fall and shatter, then opt for the borosilicate models as they’re glass look-alikes but a bit sturdier than regular glass, thus, harder to break.

They can withstand intense temperatures and do not rust, impart unwanted odors or unpleasant tastes to the content of the kettle.

Steel electric kettles are the most durable option you can go for.

Easy to clean

Most electric kettles are quite simple to clean. All you need is a clean cloth, some mild soap, and water to clean any dirt around the surface of the appliance.

However, for glass models, you might have to be a bit more practical with the cleaning. In order to leave them always sparkly and bright, you can use any one of baking soda, lemon juice, or white vinegar to clean the transparent surface and rid it of stains or residue.  

Simply mix any of the ingredients above with three parts of water. Then pour the mixture into the electric kettle and plug it in the mains to boil.

After boiling, pour the water out and let the appliance cool before using a soft sponge to scrub away any residue. Rinse the kettle with clean water and then air it to dry.

Top Electric Kettle Suggestion

Before you step out the door to get an electric kettle for your home, take a look at this selection of high-grade quality options you can choose from.

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803RB)

This attractive red and black colored electric kettle comes with a lot of interesting features. The Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803RB) boils water in a very short space of time. It also has an indicator light along with a boil-dry protection feature.

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BW)

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BW) is a unique 1.8-liter capacity electric kettle with a 1500-Watt power. It is one of the safest appliances for the home as it comes with an auto power-off function with boil-dry protection and a waterproof temperature controller.

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BLW)

If blue is your favorite color, then the Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BLW) might catch your fancy. The appliance features the standard food grade PP plastic making it a healthy kettle for all kinds of beverages.


If you’re still using your stovetop and traditional kettles to boil water, then you’re seriously missing out.

Not only are you spending more time heating your liquids, but you’re also putting yourself pretty much at risk of getting burned or worse.

The electric kettle is a much safer appliance and its efficiency is second to none.  Get yourself one today.

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