8 Advantages of a Portable Generator

advantages of portable generator

8 Advantages of a Portable Generator: A power generator reflects the importance of electricity since it has become a major element for day-to-day living ranging from commercial activities to the running of home appliances.

What’s more, businesses of modern times require electricity at all times round the clock. However, power outages are bound to always occur.

In situations like this, instead of staying electricity stripped, a backup generator could suffice.

It, therefore, helps to have multiple/alternate power supplies in the forms of batteries (dry cells, wet cells, or solar), or better still Diesel generators.

A backup generator can keep your business running, keep your home in a comfortable condition, or both!

The question, however, is which type of generator is best suited for your needs?

Basically, an electric generator in technical terms is any machine that converts mechanical energy to electricity for transmission and distribution over power lines to domestic, commercial, and industrial customers.

Generators also produce the electrical power required for automobiles, aircraft, ships, and trains.

Generators are made to give specific voltage and corresponding current outputs to power all appliances be it in a residential or commercial setting that has been connected to it.

Generators use fuel sources like gasoline, natural gas, or solar energy to produce electricity so that you can power a campsite, recharge mobile devices, or run essential appliances at home in the case of an emergency.

They range from small portable generators that are ideal for camping to large standby generators that are essentially permanent fixtures outside the home.

This article outlines the advantages of a portable generator

Why portable generators?

Any type of generator provides electricity to keep your lights on. However, a portable generator has several significant advantages.

When choosing a portable generator, you must consider your functional priorities. Also, portable generators come in different varieties.

Some models run on petrol or gasoline while others utilize diesel as their fuel. The following are the reasons to consider a portable generator:

1. Energy Efficient

As reiterated earlier, portable generators run on petrol/gas or diesel fuel depending on the model. Portable generators are generally energy-efficient.

Some models can produce a power output that doubles that of other generators, even those of the same size – the equivalent. This is due to the efficiency of their engine.

2. Longer Runtime

Because of their efficient engine design and fuel consumption, some portable generators are built to provide significant amounts of power for a long time.

This is one of many reasons why a portable generator is an excellent choice for an uninterrupted power supply even if the local power grid has gone out.

3. Fuel Efficiency

The factor people tend to consider when deciding to purchase a machine is fuel. While diesel is generally more expensive, in the long run, they are cost-effective. This is due to the fuel efficiency feature of diesel generators.

As already established, portable generators have a higher energy density. While you would pay more for the diesel, you will also get more energy out of the diesel than you would for the same volume of gas.

Hence, fuel efficiency is by far the single most important advantage of portable diesel generators.

4. Quieter Motors

In a place where the electricity outage is on a high, you may find yourself running your generator more frequently.

However, no one wants to be overwhelmed or develop hearing constraints by having to hear the loud noises produced by these generators as this noise can be piercing to the ears and over time, could be injurious.

If you’re looking to get a backup generator but are worried about the noise from the motors, portable generators are your go-to.

Certain modern gasoline engines produce far less noise than older diesel models or some even recent gasoline engines.

Due to their higher efficiency, some portable generator motors require less power and thus run much more quietly than the competition. Use a quieter model and give yourself some peace.

5. They Can Be Less Dangerous

In truth, gasoline is highly flammable and can be especially dangerous if fuel lines are broken.

They also require three times the fuel consumption compared to portable diesel generators.

However, portable diesel generators require less making them less dangerous. These generators also require the least flammable fuel source.

Safety is an important aspect of generators and if you cannot be extra careful when handling gasoline, then perhaps a diesel generator may be best for your home.

6. Efficiency

Portable generators come with efficient engines, with less susceptibility to wear and tear. What’s more, they possess simpler engines, making them are easy to fix in times when they develop a fault.

7. Cost-efficient

Portable generators are usually cheaper to acquire compared to medium and large generators. In addition, you will not have to spend a fortune to run maintenance checks on portable generators as their components are also easier to procure.

8. Extra features

The basic function of a power generator is to supply electricity. However, some portable generator models come with extra features that can benefit the user.

Some variants have been fitted with overload circuit breakers that help protect both the generating unit and appliances connected to the power source whenever there’s an overload.

Others come with a low oil shutdown system that also helps protect the generator by shutting it off once it detects that the oil level has gone down.

Generator models with these features include:

Royal 2.2 KVA Generator (GR3000C)

Royal 3.0 KVA Generator with Electric Start (GR3500CE)


A small portable generator for home use is likely going to be within proximity of your home at all times.

Portable generators are more affordable with certain models delivering more efficiency compared to others.

You’ll have to be extra careful if you opt for a gasoline generator as petrol is highly flammable.

With low maintenance and limited upkeep, portable generators are the most suitable option for those looking to only use their generator during times of emergency.

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