How to Clean a Water Dispenser Properly

How to clean water dispenser properly

How to Clean a Water Dispenser Properly – Water plays a very huge role in human health. Most infections affecting children and adults were brought about by the consumption of contaminated water.

It is therefore no wonder to find people doing what they can to ensure that the water that gets into their system is clean and hygienic.

Today, water dispensers offer a healthy alternative to tap water. As a result, they are becoming a vital appliance in today’s homes.

Water dispensers offer safe, clean, and purified water.  However, when the water dispenser is dirty, the cleanliness of the water becomes compromised.

Cleaning the machine is therefore important if you want to ensure you get that consistent freshness and keep the dispenser free from any bacterial build-up, both inside and out.

While it is one thing to clean a water dispenser, it is another thing to ensure it is done properly. A poorly cleaned water dispenser is equivalent to one that has not been cleaned at all as it would still contain some elements of dirt which render the cleaning null.

Therefore, if you want to clean your water dispenser, you must clean it well.

Keeping your water dispenser free from visible dirt build-up is something you can do daily, as no extravagant effort or technicalities are required.

All it takes is a wipe over the main unit, the cup dispenser, and the tap with sanitizing wipes. Extra care would however be required when cleaning the taps as this is a high-touch area.

Do not forget to empty the drip tray of stale, dirty water and wipe that over too, or place it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

This daily cleaning of the water dispenser, however, does not cut it if maintaining a consistent flow of sanitary water is your priority.

It is recommended by the American Department of Energy that at least every 6 weeks, you carry out deep cleaning of your water dispenser.

In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step process on how you can properly clean your water dispenser as well as the tools that would be required to do this.

Tools/Materials Required

  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Washcloth
  • Gloves
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Cleaning Solution (bleach, vinegar, or mildew removing solution)
  • Screwdriver (depending on your cooler)

Preparing the Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution is a very crucial material in the cleaning-the-water-dispenser process. It is required in almost all the steps that would be described below.

To make your cleaning solution, decide on the cleaning agent you would want to use, based on either the one available or the one more convenient to acquire.

You can choose between bleach, vinegar, or mildew removing solution.

To prepare the cleaning solution, simply add 1-part white vinegar, and 3-parts water. For example, if you were using one gallon of water, then you would add 1/3 of one gallon to the water.

Make as much as you want, depending on the quantity you need, and fill up spray bottles for easy application. To ease the scent of the vinegar, you can choose to add a tablespoon or two of lemon juice.

There are two kinds of water dispensers. The top-loading water dispensers are the “classic” water dispenser designs, where the water jug sits atop the machine while the bottom-loading water dispenser is a dispenser where the water bottle is loaded beneath the dispenser.

Although the cleaning techniques for these two dispensers might be different, a general approach to cleaning them applies which we will run through.

Cleaning the water dispenser

1. Turn off the socket and unplug the machine

Before commencing cleaning on the water dispenser, ensure the machine and the socket are turned off and that the machine is unplugged.

This helps to eliminate the possibility of water meeting live electricity. Ensure that there are no other appliances plugged into the same electrical outlet.

2. Drain all water from the reservoir

This step is important, as you will need to dismantle the water bottle from the top. You will need to drain out all of the water from the reservoir so you can dismantle the water bottle conveniently.

3. Scrub the valve and the top of the water bottle dispenser

Use the cleaning solution and a washcloth to scrub the inner surface of the water dispenser and the valve.

Use the scrubbing brush to remove marks that are more stubborn. Drain the solution through the tap down the sink or toilet.

Fill the inner reservoir specifically with the cleaning solution and use the scrubbing brush to scrub the sides of the reservoir clean.

Drain all of the solutions out and let water flow freely into the reservoir. Then let the water drain. This ensures that no trace or taste of the cleaning solution is left behind. You could taste the water to ensure there is no aftertaste.

To be all the more discrete, you can fill the reservoir with only clean water and then scrub the sides again to remove all of the cleaning solutions and then drain the water.

4. Remove Components

Remove the filter and the water guard/no-spill/no-drip tray from the front of the machine. Clean these parts thoroughly with a scrub brush.

To ensure you do not damage your machine, check your manual to find out if your machine has a dishwasher-safe component(s).

Rinse these components in clean water and dry thoroughly before returning them to the dispenser. This ensures the machine is not recoupled with water left in places they should not be.

5. Repeat as much of the above processes as necessary

If you see the need to repeat any of the above steps, then do so. Replace parts and components to the machine afterward.

Dry the water bottle with a towel after washing your hands thoroughly. Place the bottle back on the water dispenser and plug in the machine.

Finally, confirm the water dispenser is functioning properly. If you discover your water dispenser is leaking from underneath, unplug the dispenser immediately, remove the bottle, drain the dispenser until there is no running water left, and call a professional to check out the dispenser for you.

The Best Water Dispenser for You

If you really care about your health, then getting a water dispenser should be a priority for you. Aside from getting fresh, hygienic, clean water, you also get to hydrate yourself regularly when you have a water dispenser nearby and we know how beneficial that is to our bodies.

After making up your mind, it is understandable that you’ll want to get the best water dispenser. Before heading out to jump on the first one you see out there, take a look at this selection of top-quality water dispensers from Royal Electronics.

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Properly cleaning your water dispenser without damaging it requires proper knowledge of how it works.

Take advantage of the device’s manual as it would help in figuring out understanding which component does or does not requires water. Take proper care of your appliances so that you can make the most out of them.

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