5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

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5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling – “Air conditioner not cooling” or “AC blowing out hot air” are two of the most prominent issues people experience from their AC units, especially during summertime.

If your air conditioner is producing improper cooling, it does not actually mean it’s time to get a new unit.

The problem could be caused as a result of the following reasons:

5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

1. Lack of Proper Maintenance

To keep your AC in top shape, it is very important to get it serviced periodically (usually once every three months).

Many brands offer the annual maintenance contract (AMC) on air conditioners which is often availed within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

The AMC contract usually features a dry cleaning service for air conditioners that includes blow cleaning of the entire unit, cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units with a blower and brush, as well as washing of dust filters.

Doing this every three months can help in elongating the life and enhancing the performance of the air conditioner.

Additionally, if you hardly make use of your AC, you should try to switch it on for a minimum of 15 minutes twice weekly.

This will greatly help in keeping the unit in great working condition. Many of us only use the unit in the summer or dry season in some regions.

Although there’s nothing wrong with this, however, when the AC isn’t used for months at a stretch, it often starts exhibiting traces of failure including lack of cooling, gas leakage, and so on.

2. Ice Forming on the Coils

When an AC is not maintained using professional wet and dry servicing two times in a year or when the air conditioning unit hasn’t been used for a long time, the unit’s coolant level can reduce to less than the required amount for the unit to function properly.

As soon as the level of coolant falls, the temperature of the cooling coil becomes affected and also drops as well.

Because of this, the room’s moisture can begin to condense on the coil hence leading to the formation of ice on the coils.

This leads to the air conditioner losing its cooling power. If you take a look at your AC and you notice a consistent bubbling noise as well as some ice forming on the external sections of the unit, then the cooling problem could be tied to this anomaly.

3. Clogged Air Filter

Another rather common reason related to air conditioners not blowing cold air is inadequate airflow. This would result in less or even no cool air being circulated in the room from the AC.

Usually, the air filter can be located at the back of the front grille which might have a side access opening depending on the AC’s brand.

Although cleaning dirty filters is one of the easiest ways to care for the AC unit, however, you’ll be amazed to find out that not many people actually get it cleaned by a professional.

Thus clogged AC air filters are another possible reason why the air conditioner blows out hot air. Air filters actually play a big role in purifying the air from an AC.

They help in trapping dust and debris that get pulled into the ducts. That’s why if they aren’t well cleaned, they will stay clogged and thus, hamper the cooling process.

By having the air conditioner’s air filter cleaned regularly (at least once every 3 months), you will make it easier for the unit to keep the room cool consistently.

However, if the filter becomes too clogged and cleaning is practically impossible, then you should consider changing it entirely.

4. Gas leakage

Yet another popular problem you arising from an air conditioner, not cooling is gas leakage. It is not that hard to notice a gas leak issue as the problem of poor cooling develops again almost every few months despite charging the unit with gas.

For some reason, this issue is more common for people living close to coastal regions or anywhere near sewage, particularly in areas where there is a high level of air pollution.

As a result of this, the aluminum and copper metals used in sealing the air conditioner gas often get corroded.

Thus, small holes begin to form within the metals from which the gas leaks out. If you’re planning on changing the coils, we recommend going for copper coils as they often last longer than the aluminum variants.

In addition, if a copper coil gets damaged, it is easier and even more economical to have it fixed and back in prime working condition compared to aluminum coils.

5. Compressor Problem

Arguably, the most important component of the AC is its compressor. This is because the compressor is responsible for the flow of gas between the condenser and the evaporator.

This is why if the condenser gets damaged, the air conditioner automatically halts the production of cool air.

Because of this, air conditioner compressors often come with a minimum of five years of brand warranty.

After the warranty expires, if you face cooling issues more that aren’t related to the other four reasons why your AC isn’t cooling above, then you’ll need to have the compressor replaced or best still, get a new AC unit altogether.

Best Air Conditioner to Buy

Sometimes, fixing an AC may not fully alleviate its cooling issues, especially if it has to do with a compressor problem.

Although there is no problem with getting a new compressor, however, you stand to enjoy more benefits when you use a new air conditioner especially if the one you use presently is over five years old.

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In order for your air conditioner to continue working tirelessly and efficiently, make it a point of duty to periodically get it serviced and maintained by an experienced technician.

Failure to do this and your AC may one day stop cooling as effectively as before. When this happens, you’ll not only be feeling the inconvenience but also be spending more on electricity bills as an AC that doesn’t cool properly consumes more electrical power.

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