Water Dispenser Buying Guide

Water Dispenser Buying Guide – Formerly an office landmark often known as the spot where staff shared gossip, a water dispenser is now commonly seen as a convenient and essential household appliance.

Health practitioners constantly reiterate the importance of hydration and its benefits. Having a water dispenser at home is a smart way of encouraging family members to drink lots of water.

According to The Mayo Clinic, people are advised to drink 11 1/2 to 15 1/2 cups (2.7 to 3.7 liters) of water daily. You can achieve this conveniently when you drink cool, refreshing water from an electronic dispenser.

What Is a Water Dispenser?

A water dispenser is an electronic appliance built to distribute water from a source, such as a water bottle.

Typically, water dispensers have chambers that hold water within the unit. When the dispenser is connected to a power source, these chambers can either heat or cool the water within them.

You can then decide to release cool or hot water from the unit depending on your preference.

Water Dispenser Buying Guide

When planning to purchase a water dispenser, there are some things you’ll need to take into consideration.

These factors can help you in your quest to select the best water dispenser for your home or office.

Types of Water Dispensers

Arguably, the first thing to consider before buying a water dispenser is the type you want. Now, there are two major water dispenser variants.

These are the bottle-less and the bottled water dispensers. The bottle-less dispensers can provide an unlimited supply of water.

This is because they are connected directly to the main water lines such as tap water. Bottled water dispensers, on the other hand, require a portable source – bottled water.

Both of these options have their benefits and drawbacks – so you’ll have to decide which one would work best for you.

Power Consumption

Before buying a water dispenser, be sure to check its power consumption. Fortunately, most dispensers hardly consume a lot of electricity.

However, some water dispensers are more efficient than others. So if you want to save some more bucks off your electric bills, consider how much electricity your new dispenser is likely to consume.

Size and Available Space

If you have a small apartment then you’ll likely not be willing to buy a bulky dispenser unit that’ll take more of your already limited space.

That is why you have to take the size of the water dispenser into consideration before throwing money at it.

Larger water dispensers are perfect if you have plenty of room space. However, if you plan on moving your water dispenser around (perhaps on a trip), then a smaller one should do just fine.

Cleaning and Drainage

While examining the features of the dispenser you want to buy, be sure to factor in its drainage mechanism as well as cleaning options.

With a proper drainage system, the area around the dispenser would be kept dry consistently which is essential to prevent accidents from happening.

In addition, water dispensers also require regular maintenance and cleaning to make them function efficiently and hygienically.

Thus, certain components of the water dispenser need to be easy to dismantle so that you can take very good care of the unit.

Low Noise

Indeed, the majority of water dispensers out there have been built to operate silently. However, you can still encounter some models that do make some noise.

It is important to check the level of noise a water dispenser makes, particularly if your plan is to install it at the office.

A dispenser that makes a lot of noise while functioning will make it harder for staff to concentrate at work.

It can also make sleeping difficult when installed at home. No one wants that.


Water dispenser prices range depending on the type, size, application, appearance, and features. However, the ones with a higher price tag may not necessarily be the most efficient. So, take note of this when you’re about to get a dispenser.

Extra Features

With so many water dispenser brands in the market, each comes with different features that can influence your buying decision.

Many dispensers come with hot and cold features meaning you can get not just cold water but also hot water from the unit. This is perfect in offices for making coffee or tea.

Another feature to look at is the purification system. Some units have unique filtration kits designed to particles, sediment, lead, and chlorine from the water source.

There are dispensers that come with cup holders offering internal or external space (usually at the lower section) for storing drinking cups.

Others may come with a built-in refrigerator in the unit allowing you to cool other drinks or small items.

Cleaning can be done easily if your dispenser comes with a drip tray. Some models feature this and it’s quite impressive as it helps reduce mess and aids speedy clean-ups.

At home, children may accidentally select the hot water option when they want to drink water from the unit. This can cause burns and injure the little ones.

Some models help guard against this by providing a child-protect button on the hot water option of the dispenser.

This helps prevent accidental dispensing of water by children while simultaneously making it easy and convenient for adults to dispense.

The Best Water Dispenser to Buy

Now that you’re armed with the needed knowledge, it’s time to choose the best water dispenser. It’s no surprise that the market is flooded with several dispenser brands with each giving different promises in terms of efficiency and function.

Thus, it can be a headache to select the right one for you. However, there’s no need to worry. We have a small selection of the best water dispenser you can buy right here.

Royal Water Dispenser (RWD521W)

Royal Water Dispenser with Refrigerator (RWDF1108)

Royal Water Dispenser (RWD1161)


Since we have discussed all the major points you need to consider before purchasing a water dispenser, you should be able to easily make a decision on the one you want without blinking.

In truth, there are lots of brands and models out there, but with the information in this water dispenser buying guide, you should be able to identify the best water dispenser for you.

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