10 Washing Machine Hacks for Better Wash Cycles

10 Washing Machine Hacks for Better Wash Cycles – A washing machine is a trusty companion when it comes to doing the laundry. However, you may not get the best from the appliance if you don’t use it the right way.

There are certain hacks and top tips that can guide you through better wash cycles when using your washing appliance.

Keep reading this article to learn more washing machine hacks.

10 Washing Machine Hacks for Better Wash Cycles

1. Coffee wash? Yes, please!

If you have black clothes like black jeans, you may notice the black color fade and gradually turn into gray over time especially after undergoing several wash cycles.

You can keep these black clothing black by pouring a few cups of strong brewed coffee into the washing machine during the next wash.

This method actually works best if you add the coffee during the rinse cycle. Also, it works majorly on cotton fabric rather than synthetic varieties.

Lastly, ensure there is no pale clothing in the wash.

2. Clean filters easily

It is perfectly normal and not out of place for your washing machine filters to gather debris like fluff.

These particles may have been washed out of the pockets of garments and thus, ended up inside the washer.

Be sure to clean out your filter occasionally to allow your appliance to continue running effortlessly. However, before you clean the filter, place an old towel down to capture any excess water that flows out

3. Ward off mold

You can prevent mold from building up in your washing machine by following this simple procedure.

At the end of each wash cycle, take out the dispenser drawer. Rinse any undissolved detergent residue and leave it to dry.

Also, keep the washing machine door open when not in use. This will greatly help in warding off the formation of mold in the appliance or its door seal.

4. Clean drawer

Still talking about molds, these annoying undesirables love damp areas. Their spores can appear in the washing machine’s soap dispenser drawer especially if it is nice and damp.

You can deal with them by using old washing-up brushes to scrub your washing machine soap dispenser drawer whenever you notice the appearance of mold or it starts to emit a funny smell. 

5. Yank out limescale

You should try to do this at least once a month. Run your washing appliance on the hottest wash without adding any detergent or clothes.

This will help dissolve any excess detergent as well as bacteria that can cause odors in the appliance.

You can also make use of dedicated cleaning products and washing machine cleaners to yank out harmful limescale that has developed over time.

6. Prevent colors bleeding

It can be quite disheartening when you see your favorite fabrics begin to fade and lose their former glory.

Fortunately, the solution to prevent fading may just be sitting somewhere in your kitchen cabinet.

Get a tablespoon of ground pepper and add it to your wash. The properties in ground pepper help cut through the detergent residue that induces fading so you can start wearing your lovely bright clothes for longer.

7. Keep the appliance stable

Aside from the fact that wobbly washers can be very annoying, their internal parts will also likely be subjected to further wear and tear. This can unfortunately lead to the appliance breaking down more quickly. 

Try to keep your wobbly washer stable by adjusting its feet. You can gently twist them to keep the machine from excess rocking during the spin cycle.

8. Balance loads

Not many people are aware of this but putting a single heavy clothing item in your washing machine can lead to problems.

The washer will find it difficult to balance the garments around the drum and as a result, it will spin and shake noisily.

This can wear out the internal components of the appliance. Thus, be sure to balance your loads by putting more than one heavy clothing item in your washes to prevent this.

9. Prevent tangles

This is also directly related to unbalanced loads. During the wash cycles, bunched clothes can get tangled in a big ball.

The chief culprits are usually bras or tights. However, you can prevent this tangling problem by making use of a washable mesh bag.

Just dump items like tights, bras, socks, etc., in the mesh bag and place it in with your clothes.

10. Avoid excess foaming

Sometimes we put a lot of detergent in the washer to desperately clean filthy garments. However, this can lead to a flood of soapsuds and too much foam can trigger an error in your washer making it think it is overfilling with water.

If you notice your machine is foaming excessively, you can pour a capful of fabric conditioner dissolved into a glass of warm water.

This should help disperse the suds quickly but ensure you run an extra rinse cycle to completely clear off the soapsuds and residue.

Top Recommended Washing Machines 

Just in case you’re looking to buy a new washing machine, you can quickly go through our selection of top recommended washers below.

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The Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 7.5 KG (RWMTT75HW) delivers effective washing with its auto pulsator and AC motor.

The energy-saving washer from Royal Electronics comes with a unique acrylic door and has an interactive button display panel.

The machine has been engineered to be gentle on your fabric while washing them squeaky clean.

Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 6 KG (RWMTL60HW)

If you’re searching for the best washing machine while on a low budget, then check out the Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 6 KG (RWMTL60HW).

This washer features an attractive transparent door so you can see all the action as the appliance spins fabrics clean.

The portable washer also comes with an auto-restart function and a smart sensor.

Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 8 KG (RWMTL80HW)

The Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 8 KG (RWMTL80HW) is a bigger model that would be perfect for small families.

It also comes with a transparent door and features an iconic air turbo function. Its child lock feature also ensures your kids won’t tamper with the washer during operations.

Along with its smart sensor, this appliance is one of the best washing machine you can get for your home.

Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 9.5 KG (RWMTT95HW)

Dirty clothing and filthy fabric shouldn’t lay idle around your home. Grab the Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 9.5 KG (RWMTT95HW) and wash these garments super-clean.

It comes with a cool button panel display that lets you easily control the appliance. The washer also comes with a wind jet dry feature that quickly dries off clothing items after washing.

If you want only the best washing machine for your household, then do check out this powerful twin tub washer from Royal Electronics.


Your washing machine can be the best thing to ever happen to your fabrics if you follow the tips and hacks in this article.

Not only will they guide you through better wash cycles but they will also keep your appliance in tip-top shape for years to come.

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