Essential Tips to Choosing the Best Wall Fan for You

Essential Tips to Choosing the Best Wall Fan for You

When it comes to low-budget cooling, most people prefer ceiling fans, however, you may discover that a good wall fan works best in certain situations.

Take, for instance, rooms with high ceilings, kitchens, and public spaces, such as restaurants, etc. Wall fans can even be used as a form of additional ventilation.

So, if you plan on getting a wall fan for any reason, you should consider the essential tips discussed in this article before making your purchase.

Tips to Choosing the Best Wall Fan

Take these essential tips into consideration before choosing a wall fan.

1. Location

As we reiterated earlier, when the circumstances are right, a wall fan can be a much better option than a ceiling fan. This is true, especially for places like kitchens, restaurants, garages, outdoor patios, balconies, etc.

All of the outdoor locations mentioned above won’t be suitable to host a ceiling fan. However, for a wall fan, you’d have to consider several factors such as the available space, size, oscillation, speed, adjustable angles, etc. before spending to get the appliance.

If you can’t comprehend the technicalities of this, then try to get a technician to guide you in finding your best match.

2. Fan Speed

Another vital aspect to consider before going for a wall fan is its speed. There’s no doubt about it that it’s always great to have a fan that comes with variable speeds.

The reason is that various people have different inclinations for fan speeds. Some people may prefer it runs on full speed throughout an entire year while others may choose to set the fan on low speed during the winter months.

A wall fan with variable speeds makes it more convenient to control the cooling.

3. Size/Quantity

Wall-mounted fans, just like ceiling and standing fans, come in varying sizes. You can pick a fan size based on how large the room or area you want to install it is.

You should also consider if one wall fan would be enough for the area you’re trying to ventilate. For a regular room, a wall fan with a sweep of 400 mm should be perfect enough. Larger rooms might require the addition of more fans.

4. Extra Features

Honestly, not many people would expect a lot of features from a wall fan. However, you’d be amazed by some of the features that some modern fans come with.

For instance, some wall fans now come with remote controllers to make it more convenient for people to operate the appliance without leaving their comfortable position.

You may even discover that some wall fans come with built-in batteries that store energy. These are rechargeable wall fans that continue to operate even in the absence of a power supply.

Additionally, other fan models come with energy-saving features that help keep the electricity bills low while delivering efficient performance.

So, before just buying any wall fan, try to take a look at the unique features you can enjoy from it. After all, it doesn’t hurt to have additional advantages, does it?

5. Durability

As far as it’s for domestic usage, you’ll want a wall-mounted fan that isn’t heavy but lightweight yet durable enough to withstand long-term usage.

Most wall fans with this specification are made of high-grade plastic and you should take care when shopping so you don’t end up with a unit made of substandard materials.

6. Warranty

We all wish our appliances can last forever but sadly, it isn’t our reality. Electronic appliances, like wall fans, are prone to develop faults.

However, with a manufacturer’s warranty, we get some sort of guarantee that our appliance can be fixed or replaced as long as it is still covered.

Be sure to check the warranty of the fan you plan to buy before paying for it. Some companies offer a longer warranty than others. Try to factor in this when it’s time to make a buying decision.

The Best Wall Fan to Buy

With so many wall fans in the electronic appliances market today, it may be difficult to pick the one that suits your need.

Not to worry though, we have made the selection headache easier for you. Below are a couple of the best wall fan you can buy.

Royal 18″ Rechargeable Wall Fan (RRWF-1118R)

Don’t give heat and humidity the chance to torment you. Get the Royal 18″ Rechargeable Wall Fan today and introduce impressive cooling to your home.

If you’re looking to purchase the best wall fan for your living room, then we recommend this particular one.

It also comes with a remote controller to allow for easy and convenient operation of the appliance.

Royal 16″ Rechargeable Wall Fan (RRWF-1116R)

The Royal 16″ Rechargeable Wall Fan is one of the best cooling appliances in the fan market today.

This portable wall fan is just perfect for a small apartment. It has long-lasting rechargeable batteries that keep the unit running for quite a while when the electric power is cut.

In addition, this wall fan from Royal Electronics features a remote controller which makes it simple to operate.


There’s nothing wrong with acquiring a wall fan even if you prefer ceiling fans. In fact, it is proven that ceiling fans can be limited in their operation if their environment doesn’t support it.

Wall fans are the answer to the shortcomings of ceiling fans and that’s why you should take essential steps towards ensuring you purchase the best wall fan that suits your requirements.

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