5 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Kettle

There’s more to an electric kettle than just using it to boil water. Aside from the fact that this electrical appliances are the fastest when it comes to boiling water, they are also highly efficient and guaranteed to deliver instant results.

In this article, you will discover 5 reasons why you need an electric kettle if you don’t already own one.

What Is an Electric Kettle?

An electric kettle is a kitchen appliance built specifically to boil water faster. It comes with an element that lets it heat water rapidly when plugged into an electric main.

It is a versatile kitchen appliance that doesn’t need to be placed on a stove-top to boil. Also, the electric kettle comes in different forms.

Some models look exactly like your regular kitchen kettle while others are modeled in the form of a jug. Thus, we can call these electric jugs but they still fall under the electric kettles category.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Kettle

Electric kettles have become quite popular over time. These days, you’ll often find several homes, restaurants, hotels, and shops using this electrical appliance to quickly heat water.

However, some people feel differently about the need to have this appliance. They believe that if you have a stove-top, why not just pour water in a non-electric kettle and place it on the stove-top to boil?

What exactly makes the electric kettle more efficient than its non-electric neighbor?

1. Energy-efficient

Regardless of what people might think, electric kettles are pretty energy-efficient. The kitchen appliance is arguably the most efficient tool you can use to rapidly heat water.

Not even the microwave or stove-top can compare to the appliance’s energy-efficiency. According to Inside Energy, electric kettles are 80% more efficient than stoves or microwaves.

If your electricity bill has been on the rise lately, try using an electric kettle as a means to lowering your energy costs.

2. Saves time

Lots of people who try out this electric appliance for the first time end up falling in love with it when they realize it actually saves them a lot of time. Electric kettles are built to be more dependable when it comes to fast heating of water.

Basically, electric kettles are capable of heating water up to four times faster than non-electric kettles on stove-tops. That means those cups of coffee or tea can be done much faster leaving you with more productive time on your hands.

3. Much safer

Modern electric kettles have certain settings that are geared at programming the temperature. The moment the water in the kettle heats up and attains your preset temperature, the kettle automatically shuts off power.

This is a particularly very important safety feature you won’t find on regular kettles because it means you can leave your kettle on for hours without the fear of initiating a fire accident.

Some might argue that whistling kettles also help prevent fire outbreaks with their loud shrills upon reaching boiling point, however, they still pose a risk especially when no one is at home to turn off the stove.

In addition, it’s design helps in making sure you avoid burns from spilled water.

4. Choose the perfect temperature

Now, here’s another great reason why you need this appliance. Indeed, electric kettles can be programmed to auto shut off once the preset temperature has been achieved. For a fact, this is quite useful in terms of preventing accidents.

However, it is also ideal for choosing the perfect temperature for each beverage you want to make. No doubt, coffee would taste better if it is prepared using water at its best temperature.

It would be difficult to achieve this using non-electric kettles. Some folks argue that using this electric appliance to heat water might change the taste of their beverages. This isn’t true.

On the contrary, selecting the right temperature you need for each infusion you prepare will help in improving its taste.

5. Variety

Electric kettles are popular all over the world. There’s a rich variety of models to choose from. Of course, the ones with the best features will cost a bit more than those with common specifications.

The point is you can select the one that best fits your need. You can opt for a large model that would cater to the entire family or just choose the portable ones you can take with you on short trips.

Top Recommended Royal Electric Kettles

Electric kettles are great for swift and rapid heating of water without the need for a stove. They also have several other advantages that make them ideal for homes, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

Below are some of our top recommended Royal electric kettles you can select from. If you’re planning to purchase the best electric kettle, then do check out this list.

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803RB)

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803RB) delivers an impressive performance with its consistency. Its simple interface quickly heats water in no time. It is one of the best electric kettle you should consider getting.

It also comes with a unique boil-dry protection function that shuts off the appliance once the required temperature is achieved. This prevents the water in the kettle from drying up.

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BW)

If you’re looking to buy the best electric kettle for your home, then check out Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BW). This iconic electric kettle from Royal Electronics gives you the control you need to execute the perfect pour-over.

The controls are classy and they allow you to adjust the water temperature to your satisfaction. Its food-grade PP plastic body helps keep the content in the kettle safe for consumption.

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BLW)

Royal Electric Kettle (RPEK-1803BLW) is a decent electric kettle for boiling water. It has a very simple interface as well and has been factory-configured to rapidly heat water in a short time.

It is undoubtedly one of the best electric kettle we recommend you to purchase as it comes with a waterproof temperature controller along with an indicator light. The 1500-watt kettle also comes with a boil-dry protection feature.


A kettle is a very important tool to have in the kitchen. It does much more than just heat water. This article discusses some of the reasons why you need an electric kettle if you don’t have one at the moment.

And if you’re hoping to get one soon, you can check out some of the best electric kettle mentioned in this writeup.

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