Unique Ways to Get Rid of Washing Machine Smells

Washing machines do a great job of transforming our dirty, sweaty laundry into clean, fresh-smelling garments. That’s why clothes usually come out with an unmistakable comforting aroma after every wash cycle.

At your next wash routine though, things are a bit different. Instead of that uniquely alluring freshly laundered scent you usually smell, you get a musty, gunky, mildew odor that nearly knocks you off balance.

Luckily, funny, unpleasant smells from your washing machine aren’t signs that it is defective. On the contrary, your appliance is likely perfectly fine. But it’s time to do some routine maintenance on your ever-efficient washing machine.

In this article, we will discuss the unique ways you can get rid of washing machine smells. But how does your loyal, dirt-evicting, odor-banishing washing machine suddenly becomes the ultimate odor-causing culprit?

Why Washing Machine Smells

Now, there are two main types of washing machines; the front load washing machines and top load washing machines.

These washing appliances do a great job of laundering our clothes, however, the front load washing machine might be a bit more superior to the top load variety.

This is because they have been designed to be more efficient and gentler on garments while simultaneously cleaning them better. However, because of that efficiency, the front load washing machine is more prone to developing odors.

Now, high-efficiency front load washing machines use much less water than the top load washing machines since they just fill the lower part of the wash-tub with water.

Thus, the drum turns on a horizontal axis, sending your garments tumbling through the water in the process. This completely renders the need to fill the tub up all the way unrequired.

It’s all good if you make use of high-efficiency detergents, but if you immerse your laundry with the wrong types of soaps, that small amount of water would be unable to completely rinse them all away.

The leftover soap particles will end up coating the drum which itself is already beleaguered with dirt and debris from your clothing.

When left unattended to until the next wash cycle, together with the heat and dampness in the unit, it becomes a favorable habitat for bacteria, mildew, and mold to thrive. To make matters worse for front load washers, they have a rubber door gasket.

This door component does a great job of keeping water from leaking out. However, they can also worsen the odor from the washing machine. The reason is that soap, dirt, and even particles from fabrics can become trapped under the gasket.

Once this occurs, your front loader will host another breeding ground for repugnant smells. 

Solution: When Washing Machine Smells

Aside from reeling out bad odor, smelly washers can take the fun out of doing the laundry. Let’s banish that offensive smell from your washing appliance for good. Here’s how you can get rid of front load washing machine smells.

  • First, get some baking soda. Mix a 1/4 cup of baking soda with an equal amount of water together.
  • Next, add the mixture to the detergent container of your washing machine.
  • Get some vinegar and pour two cups of it into the drum. Now, run a normal cycle (without any clothes) at high heat.
  • The baking and vinegar should dismantle any muck or residue stuck to your drum and also kill any mold present in the chamber. They will also help expunge any foul odors or smells from the washing machine.
  • If you can still see some stubborn spots, you can employ the aid of a kitchen sponge mixed with a part of vinegar and water. Now, scrub these annoying leftover grime off your washing machine.

You should try to do this routine at least once a month for maintenance or make use of some other gunk smell prevention techniques. 

Best Royal Washing Machines

Getting a washing machine should be considered a major investment in your home and lifestyle. Basically, it helps make the laundry routine simpler and quicker.

If you’re planning on getting one, then here are some of the best washing machines for you to consider.

Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 6 KG (RWMTL60HW)

The Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 6 KG (RWMTL60HW) is a phenomenal top loader washer. The appliance is easy to use and comes with desirable features such as the auto-restart function and smart sensor.

It has a classic transparent door with an auto button panel display. This is one of the best washing machines you can get for your home. It has been built to be efficient in terms of energy-saving as well.

Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 8 KG (RWMTL80HW)

Also one of the best washing machines in the market, the Royal Washing Machine Top Loader 8 KG (RWMTL80HW) is a powerful appliance built specifically to launder garments and make them sparkling clean.

The washing machine comes with a dynamic see-through door and features an air turbo as well as an auto-restart function. You can also keep the appliance safe from the reach of children with its efficient child lock feature.

Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 7.5 KG (RWMTT75HW)

Doing the laundry should be fun and quick and that’s why you need the Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 7.5 KG (RWMTT75HW). Together with its AC motor and auto pulsator, the washing appliance helps evict stains from your clothes in a gentle fashion.

One of the reasons why it is one of the best washing machines for your apartment is its wind jet dry feature that instantly reduces residual moisture from garments and ensuring that they’re ready to iron and wear.

Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 9.5 KG (RWMTT95HW)

Royal Washing Machine Twin Tub 9.5 KG (RWMTT95HW) is the best washing machine you can get for the family. This efficient top loader washing machine features an acrylic door with an interactive button panel display.

Instantly launder clothes and get them ready to be ironed and worn in no time with the washer’s wind jet dry feature. The appliance also has an energy-saving feature that keeps it working at optimal levels while consuming less power.


Even washing machines need to be cleaned despite the fact that their job is to get our clothes sparkling clean. Failure to clean your washing machine for dirt and debris can lead to a build-up of odor. If your washing machine already smells, then you can follow the steps in this article to eliminate the pungent odor and bring back freshness to your loyal washer.

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