8 Points to Consider When Buying a 32 Inch TV

No living room is complete without a TV set and if you’re looking for where to buy best 32-inch LED TV, then you’re in the right place. A TV is the most entertaining and informative appliance in the home.

It can literally keep viewers engaged for hours on end with content after content. If you’re looking to buy a 32-inch TV, then you’ve made a reasonable choice in terms of screen size.

There are many electronic stores where you can purchase a 32-inch TV. However, if you’re yet to make a final decision on whether you should buy a 32-inch TV, then read through the things to consider when buying a 32-inch television.

Here are 8 Points To Consider When Buying a 32 inch TV

In this section, you’ll discover what you should take into consideration before looking for where to buy a 32-inch LED TV.

Room size

One of the most important things to consider before opting for a 32-inch LED TV is your room size. Now, a 32-inch LED TV is fairly large for its size and should fit into most small to medium-sized apartments. Putting a 32-inch TV in a large apartment would be awkward especially if the seats are a good distance away from the TV.

You won’t want to be using a telescope to see the action on the TV. Neither would it be ideal to keep squinting at the screen because it’s too far from you. So, if you have a big apartment, get a bigger TV and not a 32-inch screen.

Picture quality

You’ll want your 32-inch LED TV to deliver amazing picture quality. Thus, it must support either 720p or 1080p HD image. Although most 32-inch TVs have a 720p resolution, there are some that also provide 1080p resolution.

A TV with 1080p resolution delivers optimal viewing experience than the 720p TV. However, you’d have to spend more to get it as it is more expensive. In addition, s TV’s brightness, refresh rate, and contrast ratio also influences its picture quality.

Generally, a higher brightness and contrast ratio translates to better picture quality. So, getting a TV with a contrast ratio higher than 20,000:1 is a reasonable option. A TV with a higher refresh rate also contributes to good picture quality than one with a low refresh rate.

Price of 32 inch TV

Price is one of the first things to consider when thinking of buying a 32-inch LED TV. Some people believe purchasing a TV online is going to be cheaper than going to the electronics store since they have much lower overhead. Unfortunately, it’s not always like this.

In fact, some retail outlets even give out discounts on their electronics which you probably wouldn’t get online. That’s aside from the opportunity you’ll get to actually see the item you want to buy up close and personal before making payment.

Over the years, the prices of TVs have soared significantly. The reason is that the technology involved in manufacturing them has advanced geometrically. Consequently, if you want to enjoy the best TVs with the most up to date features, you’ll have to spend more.


If you’re planning on getting a 32-inch TV, you should choose one that is light-weight. Luckily, many lightweight TV with most between 4kg to 6kg (without the stand). It should be light enough to be mounted in a room like an exquisite picture frame.


Your new 32-inch TV should come with just enough interface to allow your other electronics easily connect to it. With enough interface, your LED TV can connect to other electronics like the home theater or DVD player, gaming consoles, PC, etc. It should also come with ports that allow USB devices to be connected to it so can stream media files from it.

Sound quality

Granted most modern TVs do not come with excellent sound quality. This is because many manufacturers focus a lot of effort on picture quality and size of the TV. They literally sacrifice sound enhancements for colour and contrast.

Fortunately, some 32-inch TVs still come with better sound quality than others. Despite this, you should still make use of a soundbar or a sound system to enjoy better audio from your LED TV.

Remote controls

Indeed, all modern TVs come with a remote controller, however, it would be even more convenient if your TV’s remote controller can also control other electronics at home. There are TVs that boast such capabilities.

With one remote controller, you won’t have to start switching between other remote controllers when you have to use other electronics like the home theater. If your TV cannot control all other electronics, then perhaps you can consider purchasing a universal remote or try other remote control options.

In addition, you might also want to consider the size of the TV remote as well. While some people prefer bigger remotes with buttons aplenty, others like small controllers with much fewer buttons. Be sure to check the remote controller of the TV you’re purchasing if it’s what you’ll be glad to hold.


TVs today have been built to be tougher and more resilient. This means you might not even have to make use of its warranty service. The components of modern TVs are quite sturdy. Even the LEDs used in lighting the picture on the screen are absolutely shockproof.

Thus, if you eventually get a TV that turns out to be faulty, it would likely become obvious within a couple of weeks of using it. That’s why it is better to purchase your 32-inch LED TV at a store rather than online.

Some electronic stores offer a return policy of one month. You should confirm the return policy that goes with your TV at the store before buying it. Generally, most manufacturers usually offer a warranty for one year (minimum) on their products.

Best Royal 32 inch TV

In this section, you’ll find one of the best Royal 32-inch LED TVs. It’s not so easy trying to choose the best LED TV for your home with so many brands and models to choose from. Of course, every brand claims to have the right qualities in terms of the viewing experience. However, to help you decide, we have narrowed down your search to the model below.

Royal 32 inch TV (RTV32DN5A)

If you’re looking for where to buy best 32-inch LED TV, then visit any electronic retail outlets near you can request for Royal 32-inch TV (RTV32DN5A). This classy, sleek High-Definition TV is what you need to complement your home. The TV features high brightness and high contrast with a slim bezel. It comes with HDMI ports and USB ports ideal for streaming content on the screen via a USB device. It also comes with a plethora of interfaces perfect for connecting to other electronics.


Before looking for where to buy best 32-inch LED TV, you should first decide if the TV is right for you in terms of your room size, budget, picture quality and more. Then you can choose to purchase it online or be smarter by heading straight to an electronics store. There you can assess the TV you want physically and get other information about it like its warranty policy.

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