About Royal

ROYAL is a large-scale high-tech group company mainly engaged in research, development and manufacture of consumer electronics, Television, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators and Washing machines; as well as Home Appliances like Electrical kettles, Microwave ovens and LED illumination, Through many years of development, Royal now ranks among the top brands of Electronics and Home Appliances in the world, and growing into the leading brand in Africa’s Electronic industry.

At Royal, we look for creative and collaborative visionaries to run our company, by attracting talented managers and evolving our organization’s culture to support them, we foster innovative ideas that advance technology, produce new products and improve the everyday lives of our customers.

Innovation represents our core value along with value for money, durability, and awesome after sales services. It requires creativity. This is why Royal appliances are specially designed to meet customer demands, by combining innovation, technology, and design.

Royal TV Assembly Line